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We would like to learn your opinion, as a deer hunter what you think of hunting whitetail deer over bait.

Use the hunting poll form below and choose the best answer that represents your opinion about legally hunting whitetail deer over bait?

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  1. It doesn’t have anything to do with ease , it’s so you can ethicly choose the best choice of age , sex and overall QDMA of the deer !

  2. I think rifle hunter should get back on ground instead of going up 16 feet lighting the stove and taking coat off and waiting. Sliding vynal clad window open shooting deer of choice. Back on ground would change all these young hunters.Argument between crossbow and compound same as rifle and sitting in condo! Just my opinion.

  3. I grew up hunting in a area in Georgia where you couldn’t bait, the I got transferred to Kansas where you could. At first I didn’t like it but I am for it now. I didn’t have the resources or the time to plant food plots but could put out corn and minerals a get a good survey of the bucks where I hunted and decide which bucks I would shoot and which ones I would let walk if I encountered them in the field. I see both sides though and understand you can’t please everyone all the time.

  4. I cant pick any of your options as no, it absolutely doesnt make success easier. I do believe many deer benefit from some of the baits like alfalfa and cob, but in no way is feeding deer during hunting season a certain path to success. “Baiting” as stated, is right up there with “assault weapons”. It is made to sound bad when its just another trick that a hunter may or may not be able to use successfully. With harvest rates always below 20%, with most of it being immature bucks and does, its not like feeding/baiting is detrimental to over all herd health.


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