Funny Hunting Meme - Uncle Zack and His Trusted Cat Hunting Zucchini

Uncle Zack is out hunting today for Zucchini with his trusted cat, Pong. The two of them have been hunting for hours and are barely making any progress because every time they think they’ve come close enough to their prey (the Zucchini) to shoot at it – the Zucchini keeps squashing their hunting efforts!

Zack’s arm aches from holding onto this tired old Zucchini hunting weapon all day long while trying not to miss anything in front or behind him – Pong was actually surprised he hasn’t proposed switching roles yet; there must be some magical herbs mixed up inside those home-grown wild (zucchini) vegetables that keep these two trusted hunting buddies giving this intense Zucchini hunt the energy it takes to bag enough Zucchini to bake a Zucchini Cake, make some parmesan fried zucchini, and still have enough left over to freeze some zucchini.

Today was a great day hunting. These two hunting buddies bagged themselves a whole bunch of zucchini!