Hunting Interviews: Blake Alma of Outdoor Experience TV


Hunting Magazine Editors sat down with the young outdoors entrepreneur – Blake Alma for a candid interview.


Hunting Magazine: What type of outdoors-related business, service or product do you own, operate or manage?

Blake Alma: I like to call it Outdoor Media. I work in all forms of media and produce outdoor based content. We have a TV show, a radio show, podcast, an outdoor news website, and a survival how to website.

Hunting Magazine: What made you take the leap into an outdoors entrepreneurship?

Blake Alma: As a teenager, I hate being bored and doing something that doesn’t serve a

Hunting Interviews: Blake Alma,16-year-old Outdoor Radio Host (Pictured)
Hunting Interviews: Blake Alma,16-year-old Outdoor Radio Host (Pictured)

purpose like video games. I have played video games, but quite frankly, I got bored with it really fast and it kind of made me feel empty. So stepping outside and taking in a big deep breath gave me a smile. Going outdoors to fish, trap, hunt, or practice bushcraft and to go write about it or talk about it made me feel like I was doing productive. I started a blog posting about the things I did outside, and it just grew from there.

Hunting Magazine: What were the biggest initial hurdles to building your business and how did you overcome them?

Blake Alma: With no doubt, the biggest hurdle in my outdoor career has been anti-hunters and vegans. At 14, I wrote a how-to article about making your own bookmark from animal hide. I received dozens of positives comments on the post, but among all of them, one stuck out. Unfortunately, I received my first nasty comment saying that I was a waste of atoms, and that he wishes to kill me in the most inhumane way possible. It made me think. Why the heck would some guy wish that upon me? Was I really a waste of atoms for trapping a rodent and taking its hide to make a bookmark? For weeks, I thought about that comment, and little did I know that it would be the first of thousands.

Quite frankly, I have not yet overcome that hurdle, and I don’t think any outdoors person has honestly. Anyone who has received hate messages or death threats for their God given right to hunt understands me. It really sucks to know that there are people out there that wish to kill me because of something I love and pursue responsibly. But as for now, I have tackled anti-hunters left and right. Written articles upon articles about the topic and I have even recently published a book about veganism and its foolishness. I will fight like heck and will be an ambassador for the hunt and give it everything I got.

Hunting Magazine: Seeing how your only 16 years old. How do you facilitate a flow of quality work while keeping a positive and productive school environment?

Blake Alma: I am actually home-schooled and have been since day one. If I wasn’t home-schooled, I greatly doubt that I would be where I am right now. Spending 8 hours at school a day, learning who knows what these days, doesn’t exactly peak my interest. Rather get school over with and pursue that which I love.

Hunting Magazine: What would you say was the single most influential factor in your business’ success thus far?

Blake Alma: The single most influential factor would be that even though the outdoors is a place of enjoyment and pleasure, it is also a place that shows the glory and wonder of a Creator. Knowing that God gave me his creation, even though I have transgressed against Him, makes me smile because it shows his love and mercy. So it feels to me, that it is my goal to introduce my generation to the wonders and the skills within the outdoors, so that they may acknowledge God’s power and glory and get that awesome outdoor experience.

Hunting Interviews: Blake Alma,16-year-old Outdoor TV & Radio Host (Pictured)
Hunting Interviews: Blake Alma,16-year-old Outdoor TV & Radio Host (Pictured)

Hunting Magazine: What has been your greatest moment of success to date?

Blake Alma: I don’t know if I have really succeeded, but I can tell you that I have been blessed by God. I would say that the greatest blessing thus far, is that I have an outdoor-based talk show where I interview some really awesome guest. I just had the pleasure of interviewing on my TV show Michael Waddell, and he is one awesome guy. Talking to people who love the same sport I do, has to be the greatest blessing of all.

Hunting Magazine: What do you do to recharge when

you’re feeling drained?

Blake Alma: Well, go outside of course. Going fishing always seems to recharge my batteries, whether I catch anything or not.

Hunting Magazine: Who is your outdoor’s hero (the single most person or people that have influenced you) and why?

Blake Alma: There hasn’t been too many people that have helped me in my field, but there has definitely been a few. Really tough question. I couldn’t just say one person, I would say there are at least four people that have made a difference in my life.

Bryan May is the man whom I can say a huge thank for getting me into the outdoors. If he would have never taken me fishing, I don’t know where I would be.

Eli Gourdin serves as a co-host on my radio show. He has been through nightmares and just some tough stuff, and yet he loves the outdoor like none other.

Julie McQueen and Daniel Lee Martin are the hosts of Brotherhood Outdoor on Sportsmen Channel, and they also host a show on CarbonTV. They are an also couple that has inspired me to do more in the outdoors. Daniel is just amazing at what he does and it just flat out hilarious. Julie is super kind, inspirational, and humble. Just being able to talk to them and watch their show has really encouraged me to be like them.

Alli Armstrong is a 20-year-old TV host on Grace, Camo, and Lace on Hunt channel and a cohost on my radio show. She is also super, kind and encouraging. I have met so many popular people within the industry, but none are as humble as her. She has a lot to be proud about for having her own TV show at her young age, and she has had her show long before I have had mine. So for her to be the way she is, is super inspiring.

Hunting Magazine: What are the links to your social profiles?

Hunting Magazine: What are the links to your business, service or product(s) website?


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