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The game management comprises a branch focused on keeping, protection, refining, and hunting of the game with economic utilize of venison.

It is a part of agricultural and forest production management. The relaxation is an inseparable part of game management. So the education of young people has a very important function for game management. The professionalism of game management by the way of “Wildlife management” becomes a more and more important part of the science and social practice as the consequence of increasing anthropic press on the game and environment.

That represents the only way, how to manage sustainable management of game as a restorable national source, maintain the genetic purity and environmental biodiversity. It is necessary to apply an identical system and educate specialists that would be able to apply that system in the practice also in the Slovak Republic. The outstanding natural conditions of West Carpathians and Slovak part of Danube Lowland and Eastern Slovak Lowland as unique for Europe bind us to do that.

The history of agricultural academic education began by the establishing of Slovak technical high school by 1939 in Bratislava. The two branches of agricultural engineering and forestry engineering were established as well. The agricultural branch starts the study in 1941/1942. The High School of Agricultural in Nitra and High School of Forestry and Wood-working in Zvolen were created by “The resolution of government no. 30, by 8th of July 1952” from the High School of Agricultural and Forestry Engineering in Košice.

The Faculty of Agronomy resided in Missionary house on Kalvária and Faculty of Livestock Production resided in the Farmers school in city part Zobor were constituted as the two faculties on the High School of Agriculture in Nitra. The Slovak University of Agricultural as named currently is the only university offering agricultural study on six faculties.

I accept as a practical hunting photographer the invitation to a driven hunt, where the students of the subject – Hunting management from Slovak University of agricultural in Nitra take part as beaters and auxiliaries. The students had a first-hand experience of driven hunt allure, the substance of hunting cynology in practice and manifests of esteem for the hunted game that the hunters present by hunting traditions. Safety precautions as an inseparable part of driven hunt reach a high level due to the leading possibilities of docent MSc. Jozef Gašparík, Ph.D.

The fabulous snowy weather maintains during the whole day. I hope that pictures made during that hunting day in Dvorčany created the memories with high emotional value for young students or practical hunters as well and will help to present the positive ideas of hunting and game management in general public masses. I would like to give thanks to the team of dog handlers, to MSc. Peter Šmehýl, PhD. for the invitation and for a great Saturday hunting day that I hope will become immortal because of the pictures. Good luck!

The aim of the education of young aspirants at the Slovak University of Agricultural is to teach them the bases of game biology, hunting terminology, main rules of management of wildlife populations and hunting cynology. An outstanding attention is paid to the connecting of theory and practice that is carried out by practical exercises. The students are led to revere the game as the reverence is the presentation of hunting culture.

The celebration of hunting traditions as our national cultural heritage is the presentation of the reverence for the game and accentuates the high social role of game management. The students of SUA in Nitra as potential farmers learn to understand requirements of the game as the part of the environment and that way they are able to apply more ecological production procedures in agricultural practice.

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Good Hunting.
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