As every year during the hunting season, I’m accepting the invitation to the hunting grand where I grew up.

Hunting ground Hunting company Velky Grob with the area of 1926 ha that lies on the border of northHunting day in Slovakia part of Sub-Danube plain, the southernmost part of Trnava mountain. The eastern part is located Podunajská Planina that is called for the number of water streams Uľanská wetland, two rivers flow through the hunting area and thanks to the water surfaces (36ha water area) there live lots of water birds (the most presented by wild duck). In the hunting area, there are lots of corridors, remaining parts of the wood line and continues the line of wood (approx. 32acres of wooded area), thanks to that you can find all around does, black animals, hares, hunt birds and natural predators like fox, marten.

Hunting day in SlovakiaHunting company Velky Grob is for the third year basecamp for the Wo-Do project (workshop dog), that will take place at the beginning of the summer. The day has started with honor the memory to hunting colleague and the cynologist. In the last years the weather was nice, this year it was a challenging, morning fog and rainy weather and missing sun, with the temperature around zero. But bad weather didn’t destroy good mood as a great hunting atmosphere, also thanks to coming hunting ball. As usual after beginning organizational and safety information. The whole hunting was successful and I’m really pleased to see all of my friends from my hometown. Hunting day was closed by the honor to hunted animal and followed by pleasant finish at hunting cottage.


Thanks to Hunting company Velky Grob for the invitation, participants thanks for calm mind and safety behaving and respecting the organization, that was on a high level.


Thanks to all not last but least for respecting my photo shooting and for an excellent atmosphere.

Hunting day in Slovakia


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