Hunters and Outdoor Adventurers: Learn to Sew Your Own Backpacking Quilt


We as sportsman, hunters and all-around outdoor adventurers have this Innate talent for testing our outdoor abilities by packing into remote back-country, hiking into forbidding wilderness in-search of our elusive game animals.

However, as much as we enjoy our rigorous seasonal outdoor adventures – they can prove deadly; when we go in ill-prepared or we experience unexpected disasters.

Most of the time when you’re in the backcountry you’ll find yourself in unsavory conditions. Conditions, where the weather often will dip below a comfortable level of warmth. So today, we’ll be talking about how to cut and sew your own backpacking or hunting camp quilt.

Now, this quilt will honestly be a no-frills item. But it’ll be light-weight and will keep the chill off your bones. Thus, making for a great addition to your camping, hiking, or hunting gear.

Now there are several ways that you could go about the process of designing, cutting, and sewing your own backpacking quilt. I’m only going to outline a simple process here. The DIY process, I’ll be talking about will yield you a very basic three-season backpacking quilt that will keep you comfortable; and provide you the needed basics to keep warm and comfortable during the seasons of Spring, Summer, and Fall. That being said, once you have learned to do the basic sewing for your DIY backpacking quilt. I encourage you to explore the idea of making tweaks to the sewing idea by adding to it your own personal sewing alterations to better suit your outdoor needs.

Designing, Cutting and Sewing Your Backpacking Quilt

Now if you’re one of those real hands-on types of people you can of course design and create your own pattern. You can get as crazy as you want with the pattern design. But, remember in a nutshell what you’re basically doing is your creating an open-ended sleeping bag of sorts – taking a couple layers of fabric and sewing in-between them some sort of insulation. Now, if you wanted to you could go about this in a free-style manner. You could just take a few quick and simple rough measurements of your height. Then add to that some measurements for seam allowance. This method is truly a trial and error method. So, I do encourage you to get some accurate measurements. This way you can make some sort of rough pattern. So, later you’ll have something on paper to go from when you decide to further tweak or improve upon the design. The backpacking quilt design we’ll be shooting for today is going to have a V-shaped pattern to it. So, the entire thing will have somewhat of a funnel shape to it overall – wide on top and smaller towards the bottom near the feet area.

Buying the Materials and Assembling for the Backpacking Quilt Project

sewing machine for making your own hunting gear Hunting MagazineNow generally the materials that you’re going to need you’re not going to be able to find in your average fabric store. So, searching online for your materials is your best bet. Most online sellers of camping and hiking recreational gear will have some sort of product offering for you to start with. There are websites that do offer the backpack quilt kits. They will generally have the materials that you’ll need for the creation of your backpacking quilt.

To start the process of cutting and sewing your backpacking quilt. You’re going to want to measure all your materials, and then go about cutting your insulation, your liner, and your outside fabrics to size. Once you’ve gotten everything cut to size, you’re going to want to place all the cut materials in the order into which they’ll be sewn together. So, what you want to do is – layout your materials so that the outside of your backpacking quilt pieces were facing each other. Once you have this process completed and you have everything lined up. You’re going to to pin all the pieces together to ensure they stay in-place while you’re sewing the pieces together. So, you should have your liner, then your insulation, and then your outer fabric altogether laying on top of each other in the order that they’ll be sewn together, and everything pinned securely – those 3 pieces.

Once you’re certain everything has been pinned together and you have it, as you wish. You’re ready to head off to your sewing machine. Starting at one end of the project, you’ll sew your way around all the edges. When, that process is completed. You should have something that resembles a big blanket. You’ll now take and fold up the body section of the quilt top of itself and you begin to sew up the Body of the bag from the foot section towards the head area. You’ll only want to sew-up about half-way or slight under half-way to the head area – leaving the bottom section where your feet will be open for adding a foot box area for your feet in go.

You should now have something that looks like the image below.

A V-shaped blanket of sorts.

Backpacking-Quilt-Illustration | Hunting Magazine

Now that we have the body of our backpacking quilt sewn together. We can start the process of making our foot section, cutting, and sewing that together. Once, that is done we’ll later sew that to the body section of our quilt.

Cutting and Sewing Your Backpacking Quilt Foot box

Go ahead and use the same cutting and sewing techniques that were outlined for sewing the body of our backpacking quilt. So, go ahead and lay out all your layers and pin them together, sew around all the edges, making sure that everything is sealed up, nice and neat like. Once again, make sure to leave yourself a decent seam allowance. Once your foot box is completely sewn together. You can now lay that onto your completed body section and sew it onto the body of our backpacking quilt. Once, you’ve completed the sewing. You can then turn the entire project right-side out – Take a look! You’re Done! You have just completed the project and designed and sewn your very own backpacking quilt.

Your foot box should look something like the image below. This is sewn to the foot box area of the main backpacking quilt you previously completed sewing together.Backpacking Quilt Foot Box Illustration | Hunting Magazine

There is of course, lots of other details that have been omitted from this article to save on time. But its aim was to only provide you with a basic understanding and outline of how-to cut and sew your own backpacking quilt.

If you don’t have much knowledge of the various tools needed to complete this project. Such as, sewing machine selection, fabric scissors, fabric selection, and other sewing related items you’ll want to explore articles on sewing. I hope you found this article to be helpful and informational.

If you’ve created your own DIY backpacking quilt, please feel free to share with us, and our readers your photos and stories about it in the comments section.

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