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Hunting CommunityHow to Install a Hidden Gun Safe - Step by Step

How to Install a Hidden Gun Safe – Step by Step


Buying a gun safe is only the first hurdle to cross. What comes next is even more difficult. A large gun safe, is both heavy and cumbersome to handle. And hence, installing it is a real pain if the right measures aren’t taken. For starters, pay the delivery guys a bit extra to assist you in transporting your safe to the exact location where you wish to set it up. This is often the most difficult of all tasks, something that folks think they can handle on their own. Remember that the delivery guys use trolleys and specialized units to carry heavy deliveries into your home. The same platforms make it easier to carry the gun safe to its final resting place. Before you can transport the safe to the right spot, here are a few steps to consider.

Step 1

First and foremost decide on a place where you want to install your safe, on a wall, in the basement, or even underground. Where ever you intend to install ensure that the place it is a wall or floor has load-bearing construction and falls under the permissible limit. The space should allow you to open and close the safe and operate it with ease.

Step 2

Cut out a required opening into the place you finalize and ensure that you avoid any support structures like the struts or beams of the core house structure. If it is a hidden safe, chose a place that will not mar the standing structures and provide ease of operation and use for safety.

Choosing a New Hand gun is important and a good gun safe is required to keep it safe - Hunting Magazine
Choosing a New Hand gun is important and a good gun safe is required to keep it safe – Hunting Magazine

Step 3

Once you are sure about the place and have the required opening, install your safe in position and cement it properly. Ensure that when you buy a safe you are sure about the kind of safe you want, digital or number locks or old style heavy safe. Once installed in place, changing it is going to be expensive and time-consuming.

Step 4

Install and put in place the safe and secure it properly. Check it once for stability, ease of use, and fitting in the wall. If you are aiming for a hidden locker, once you install the safe in position, stand back and take a look to ensure that it mingles well with the surroundings and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Step 5

Once your safe is installed, ensure that you move your guns into position. Gun safes have a point to attach the chains. So, keep the guns tied to the chain within the locker and at all times try keeping all your guns perfectly vertical or horizontal.

You Should Always Safely Store Your Firearms in a Gun Safe - Hunting Magazine
You Should Always Safely Store Your Firearms in a Gun Safe – Hunting Magazine

Step 6

To ensure that the safe is not stolen, you have to take one more precaution. Secure the safe with an additional, thick and heavy chain to a permanent and immovable structure in the house. Or, if the safe comes with wall mounting, and floor mounting features, use them. The aim is to ensure that while the gun is safeguarded by storing and keeping it at all times in the locker, the locker itself is not susceptible to theft in any manner.

Step 7

As a final safety precaution, install a CCTV or alarm around the safe that will alert you to movement, tampering, and tinkering with the safe.

Quite often, installing a gun safe into a hidden door on the wall or an actual cabinet can lead to future complications. For example, the doors start creaking over time, they don’t lock into position naturally, the frame starts sagging, and more. Make sure you maintain your hidden doors and external cabinets regularly as it can make things worse when you are trying to quickly access your hidden safe.


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