How a Bowhunter and Die Hard Muzzy Fan Makes The Best of What was a Bad Situation



Here’s how a Bowhunter and Die Hard Muzzy Fan makes the best of what was a bad situation. A Fan & Reader of Hunting Magazine – Scott, had a Accidental Self-Inflicted Muzzy 3 blade 100gr. go into his left calf. The Muzzy no doubt left is bite mark. So, Scott thought what the heck. Why not get a tattoo of the whole ordeal to remind himself how “Badass” Muzzy Broadheads are. The Broadhead in the tattoo says, “Muzzy 100.” Scott, told us, “I Love Muzzy Broadheads!”


Muzzy Archery Tattoo
Muzzy Archery Tattoo


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Hunting Magazine
Hunting Magazine
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