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Georgia Game Check: Report Your Deer

Georgia Game Check: New for GA Deer Hunting Season


Headed to the woods for deer season? Hunters will have something new to remember, the reporting of all harvested deer, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division. 


All deer hunters, including those under 16 years of age, landowners, honorary, lifetime, and sportsman license holders, must obtain a free harvest record each season.  While a harvest record (where hunters immediately record the date and county of kill before moving the deer) has been required of hunters in years past, this year, they must additionally complete the reporting process through Georgia Game Check.  


“The reporting of harvests on the Georgia Game Check system will provide nearly instant access to basic harvest information during and after the hunting season,” said Tina Johannsen, Program Operations Manager with Game Management of the Wildlife Resources Division. “This data will provide county level information for hunters and land managers, assist conservation rangers in enforcing game laws, and informs management decisions made by professional biologists.” 


Georgia Game Check: Step by Step 

  • Download your harvest record or through the GA Outdoors App (available for free through both Android and iOS).
  • To Cell or Not to Cell:
  1.  Cell service available? Great! Enter the harvest date and county before moving your deer.
  2. No cell service? No problem. Write the harvest date and county on your paper copy of the harvest record.


  • Report your harvest at Georgia Game Check (either online at or through the GA Outdoors App). Write down the confirmation number on your paper Harvest Record. If completed via the App, the confirmation number will automatically be added. 


It is important to note that deer processors will not accept any deer without a Georgia Game Check confirmation number, so be sure to report your deer and give the processor your confirmation number before you leave. 






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