Gun dog training equipment demonstrations, product features and benefits, segmented product categories, consistently uploaded content and full integration between the dogs unlimited channel and the dogs unlimited website; everything needed to make your good dog better


Dogs Unlimited is once again on the leading edge when it comes to marrying gun dog training information and the internet with the addition of the consumer oriented Dogs Unlimited YouTube Channel. Here are 5 reasons why every gun dog owner will find this channel essential in helping them train their dogs.


1. The Dogs Unlimited Channel is focused on offering viewers How To and product demonstration videos geared to making their dog training easier and more effective. Viewers are able to see how a product performs under actual dog training conditions.


As Alan O Davison, owner of Dogs Unlimited, says, “When appropriate, we demonstrate our products in the environment they’ll be used. For example, if we’re demonstrating what different size whistles sound like, we do it outside where the customer gets a true understanding of how it will sound when they use it on their next training day or hunting trip. It’s not as convenient as doing it in a warehouse but we think we’re doing right by the customer when we make the extra effort.”


“When appropriate, we demonstrate our products in the environment they’ll be used.


2. Video allows for a more thorough presentation of product features and benefits. Pictures and descriptions are good but a video shows the product in action where specific features are demonstrated for the viewer. Dogs Unlimited’s YouTube Channel offers many videos that explain in depth product features and benefits that are not readily apparent but will make a dramatic difference when it comes to gun dog training.


3. Segmented into categories–otherwise known as playlists–to offer viewers a more specific search option, the Dogs Unlimited YouTube Channel mimics departments on their website to make finding what the viewer is looking for easier and more intuitive. Davison continues, “We know our customers are sophisticated and want the most relavent information they can get when it comes to deciding what gear they want to use, and our new YouTube Channel gives them an opportunity to quickly find that information. We don’t want to waste our customer’s time.”


4. Dogs Unlimited is continuously updating its YouTube Channel with new and relevant video content creating more opportunities for viewers to find the information they need. Whether it’s new product information or bird dog training tips and tricks, new video content that makes a difference to a gun dog owner is what separates Dogs Unlimited from their competition.


YouTube also makes it very easy for viewers to receive this new uploaded content by allowing them to subscribe to a channel which in turn feeds videos to their email inbox or YouTube account. Subscribing also gives channel owners like Dogs Unlimited the opportunity to determine the level of interest in the videos they’ve produced and to make adjustments to the types of videos they produce in the future further enhancing the viewer’s experience.


5. For people who watch a video and are interested in getting more information or perhaps purchasing the featured product, YouTube has made if very easy for the viewer to get to the Dogs Unlimited website. At the end of almost every video there are buttons embedded into the video that offer the viewer the ability to Click to Buy and Subscribe.

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Davison says, “The folks who want to get to the product page on our website after viewing one of our videos no longer have to search for our website name, put it into their browsers address bar, and finally look around our website until they come upon the product they’re looking for. YouTube has allowed us to embed into our video the ability for the viewer to simply click on a button and immediately be sent to the product information page on our website. It’s simply fantastic for everyone involved.”


Dogs Unlimited is committed to making the best, most relevant videos on everything from the items they represent to time tested training methods that will help viewers get the most out of their gun dog training and hunting experience. Check out their YouTube Channel by going to YouTube and typing in Dogs Unlimited Gear.

We’ve Found Several Offers - We Think You'd Like to Check Out Below.
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