Do it Yourself Website Gizmoplans Releases DIY Crossbow Plans which Turns any Compound Bow into a Crossbow


New compound bow crossbow plans device aids people with physical limitations. The plans show how to make a crossbow from a compound bow which enables people with physical limitations to drawback, hold and shoot standard archery equipment.


Gene Luoma a Duluth, MN inventor has created crossbow plans that turns any compound bow into a crossbow. His plans on how to make a crossbow is a simple device which can easily be attached to any compound bow. The device can then draw the compound bow back with just the squeeze of your hand. Complete plans on making the crossbow are available on gizmoplans for hunters and sportsmen to download, build and get back into the woods doing what they love, bow hunt.

The device mounts to any compound bow using existing tapped holes on the riser. After being mounted on the bow it can be drawn back by just the squeeze of your hand. By squeezing the cocking handle, the bow string is drawn back and is held in the full drawn position. Once in the drawn position the bow can be shot either Vertical (regular convention style) using off the shelf standard archery sights and rests. It can also shoot in crossbow (horizontal) style giving the hunter flexibility on what is more comfortable. The crossbow plans were designed to allow those who would like to continue to bow hunt using their existing or new compound bow. It is lightweight, silent, very accurate, easy to use and fun to shoot. The crossbow device is ideal for people who are unable to Drawback and Hold their Bow. It is also fun for anyone to shoot, and great for carp and other fun archery pastimes.

Gary Clancy of Outdoor News stated “Gene helped me get back in the woods bow hunting with the help of the compound bow attachment when I was having shoulder problems”. The crossbow device is simply amazing and very effective. It can help anyone with a disability or physical limitation get into the woods and hunt with a bow.

Professionally drawn crossbow plans and instructions on how to make a crossbow are easy to follow and build. It is designed so there is no welding required. Parts can be made by cutting them out on a band saw and then drilling the holes on a drill press. Complete plans on how to build a crossbow, instructions, pictures and videos of the device in action can be viewed on the gizmoplans website.


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