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Craigslist Buck: New Lease, New Friends, and the Buck of a Lifetime



Craigslist Buck New Lease, New Friends, and the Buck of a Lifetime (6)

It all started in April, 2020 when we let our farm go in Northern Missouri.

Tired of making the eleven hour drive, we began the search for a new property. We started advertising ourselves on Craigslist after exhausting other efforts to find a lease. Little did we know we were about to be on some of the best property we’d ever been on.

A group out of Houston contacted us stating they had some property they wanted to lease between Ada and Allen, Oklahoma. We ended up leasing 4,500 acres and within the first couple of weeks running cameras discovered what I would call the “buck of a lifetime.” Shortly after seeing the pictures of this deer, we realized what a monster he was. Having only a short window to hunt him it became apparent that time was of the essence.

We knew he was close to 200” or larger and even sent pictures to a biologist. He estimated the deer to be 195”-200”; by far the biggest deer I had ever got on camera or had the opportunity to hunt. As bow season finally rolled around, I finally had the opportunity to hunt him. I hunted this deer harder than I’d ever hunted before, even passing on three trophy deer, 150’-160” holding out in hopes to kill this beast.


As gun season approached my fear was that he would be shot on an adjoining property. Going into our second week of gun season, you could tell the pressure was getting to the deer as they were beginning to go nocturnal. We weren’t seeing as many of them; however, I knew if I stayed persistent I might have the opportunity so I didn’t give up hope.

On one of the last few days before my drive home, I hunted an area where he’d been seen on camera. As I was walking in, I finally saw “Sugar Cane” for the first time. My heart sank as I watched him begin to trot off. At that point, I was the only person to have an actual encounter with him. I went back the next morning and by 9:30 am I still hadn’t seen a deer. I was thinking about how good some pancakes and bacon sounded and was about to get down from my stand. But then, Sugar Cane stepped out in sight.

This amazing, massive buck of a lifetime stood just 160 yards away. There was no doubt, it was him! I was hunting with a 28 Nosler that morning. I made the shot and saw the deer run off and disappear into the brush. I was pretty sure I’d made a good shot, but got down and followed the trail of blood painted on the ground which led me to my “buck of a lifetime.” I’ve been an avid hunter for over 2 decades and hunted all over the United States, but never have had the opportunity to kill such a magnificent animal!

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