Chronic Wasting Disease Found in Doe in Eau Claire County.

A dangerous deer disease called chronic wasting disease has been found on a deer-breeding farm in Fairchild.

Rick Vojtik, the owner of the farm, said he is busy looking for answers. He’s been testing hundreds of deer for the past 15 years and none of them have tested positive for CWD until now.


He told News 18 he tests the deer after they die because their brain and lymph nodes are examined. He said the doe that carried the disease showed no symptoms of the disease. Some symptoms can include appearing disoriented, lethargic or skinny. He believes the doe died after giving birth, and that it wasn’t related to the disease, but, he admitted there is no way to be sure.


The cause of the CWD is also unknown. Researchers believe it can live in the soil and spread into things like corn and alfalfa.


CWD found on a Deer Farm near Fairchild WI.Photo Courtesy – WQOW TV



Vojik said there’s a good chance the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection will decide to kill the rest of the deer on his farm, about 300 of them. He expressed a lot of sadness over the issue, especially for the sake of his kids.






As far as the rest of the county is concerned, the DNR told News 18 there is a state statue that obligates them to respond. They will be sending out a public notice that will make it illegal for county residents to feed or bait wild deer. Parts of Eau Claire County, Jackson County and Clark County will all be expected to follow the baiting and feeding ban, because the counties are all within a 10 mile radius of where the disease was found.


Follow-up: A Sad Ending!


300 deer at Fairchild farm to be euthanized after CWD found

Fairchild (WQOW) – It’s been 16 years since a Fairchild farmer started a deer farm and now, for the first time, he will have to euthanize all his deer.


Last month, a doe tested positive for chronic wasting disease at Rick Vojtik’s farm. He said almost all of his 300 deer will need to be put down in an order from the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.


State Veterinarian Paul McGrew said he is waiting on paperwork and doesn’t know how the deer will be euthanized. Vojtik hopes for the deer to receive a lethal injection of drugs, for the most humane way to put down the deer. Vojik said he will move to another farm to repopulate his deer farm after the 90-day process involved in euthanizing the deer.


Story, pictures courtesy of :WQOW News 18 Eau Claire.

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