Big Game HuntingCan You Hunt a Bear with a Bow and Arrow?

Can You Hunt a Bear with a Bow and Arrow?

A Real Hunting Game is Incomplete Without an Arrow and a Bow. Getting a Black Bear or Any Bear is a Dream of Every Big Hunter.

For successful hunting, you should do some homework. Technically it is not very difficult to hunt a bear at 10bows with your basic hunting skills, along with reading and researching. Alternatively, bow hunting requires excellent shooting skills and steady behavior.

Here are some basic questions important to understanding are

● Do you have to know that what is the lethal zone of the bear?
● Which kind of bow is suitable for hunting a bear?
● Behavior and species of the bear according to the season.
● Perfect distance to target the bear.
● Research the best area you can hunt in.

Basic steps for bear hunting:

Bears are not bullets proof; you can hunt them with your rifle, but as we know that hunting is more interesting with bow and arrow, although hunting a bear with a bow is relatively difficult and dangerous. Still, if you are a skilled shooter and have good knowledge of bow hunting, you can hunt a bear with wise strategies and safety awareness. If you follow an effective strategy, you can maximize your success while hunting a bear with a bow.

  • The suitable season for bear hunting:

If you plan to hunt a black bear, you should know the best location and best season for its hunting. Black bears have friendly environment behavior; they can adapt it’s surrounding environment easily. You can easily find them in Mexico, Alaska, and other forty stats of U.S . Black bear is mostly found in deep green forest with plenty of food. If you want to hunt the black bear successfully, plan your hunting adventure in the spring or fall months because most states Offer seasonal hunting. Start your hunting in the morning or early evening, when bears are supposed to be in search of their food. Moreover, bears are very famous for their keen sense of smell, so the wind is the most important thing while hunting the bear because they can smell you from 20 miles away. So it is not wise to hunt the bear during the most challenging time.

  • Find a good location:

Location is the most important factor during bear hunting; the more suitable location for your bait means the more successful you are in your hunting. It is good to know that bears never wander here and there without purpose; they are very clever and don’t waste their time; they mostly follow the shoreline, steep valleys, tree lines, and field borders; in short, they love to wander around edges, so for a big game hunting these ridges are very important to encounter your prey. Bears love sitting around the lakes and cool water to digest their food. But if you want to hunt a huge bear, place your bait in some wide area because big bears Don’t like to expose themselves openly. Once you find your suitable location, place your bait to lure them. The kind of bait you are using to lure the bear is also very important. Choose the scent they can’t resist easily; blueberry, raspberry, or the food rich in carbohydrates are the best bait for bears. Using the right attracting bait with the right scent is the key to your success in bear hunting. You can also spread the scent around the bushes and other areas to attract the bear in the right direction.

  • Wisely choose your Equipment for bear hunting:

Without suitable essentials, you can’t make your hunting successful. A good and thick pair of gloves is very important to handle the bait and bow. Make sure to use the best quality rubber boots to avoid mishaps. A big and strong rope is also essential for bait and also it can be used for other different purposes. A lighter, a sharp blade knife, and a torch are the must-have items for any hunting. Select the arrow and bow according to the hunting procedure.

  • How to select the bow and arrow for bear hunting:

More than fifty percent success rate of your hunting can depend on your selection of bow and arrow. So it is wise to invest in good quality of bow and arrow. Can kill a bear if you select the right bow and arrow with the right weights. A bow whose maximum weighs 60lbs and a tough, solid, mechanical, and broad_ head arrow with 300 grains will maximize your opportunity to hunt a bear. A bow holder is a handy tool in hunting. You can place your arrow in an optic while hunting in a bow holder. The blade of your arrow should be sharp enough to pass through both lungs of the bear. Select the bow with the right grip. There is a large variety of archery bows available in the market. However, the main are long curve bow, cross archery bow, compound archery bow, and recurve Archer bow. The arrow you choose for your hunting should be mechanical and broad-headed, with a sharp blade to target the right vital of the bear. When you get the one that you want to use in your hunting, use it several times for your practice to make your archery-friendly.

  • Can you hunt a bear with a bow and an arrow?

Hunting a bear with a bow and an arrow is more adventurous than hunting a bear with a rifle. If you are strong and good at archery, you can hunt a bear with a bow and an arrow. Bear hunting is slightly different from deer hunting; it is relatively more dangerous than other hunting experiences. Bears are very big and unforgiving when hit badly, so it is better to have much confidence and good experience before hunting. If you want a great shot, follow the basic steps and suitable strategies for hunting the bear. The lung shot is the best opinion Rather than the heart shot. Mostly hunters target and prefer the double lungs shot. The success rates of lungs shot are higher than other shots. Targeting the right area is very important in hunting. While targeting the middle bear area near the hind leg, intersecting the belly is the right vital area for a double lung shot.

After much guidelines, now you are ready for archery hunting, let’s begin your big game hunting experience with proper precautions. Stay safe!


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