Ambush Hunting Products
Ambush Hunting Products

C & S Global Imports Announces Ambush Hunting Products


Ambush Hunting Products brings a wide range to the hunting game


Ambush Hunting Products brings the flavor of a seasoned veteran to the hunting industry with the current product line while also introducing new and innovative products. The Panoramic ground blind gives hunters more to view. A new Revolution line brings a different approach to fixed treestands. The Assassin’s Den ground blind features an easy setup and allows for wheelchair access.


Ambush Hunting Products
Ambush Hunting Products

The Panoramic Ground Blinds features spring steel construction and takes on a new dimension in ground hunting. It keeps the size down to a minimum while expanding with six sides. Three of these sides feature an almost seamless 180º view of the field. The Panoramic footprint measures 8′ x 6′ with a 5’9″ height. The blind features removable screens in the windows that can be shot through with fixed-blade broadheads. Brush-in strips allow for adding branches and leaves for additional cover. With an impressive 15 pound weight, the Panoramic is one of the best selections for ground hunting.


In developing a new approach to the fixed treestand market, the Revolution is manufactured from high quality aluminum and splits up the stand into three parts. The treestand post is first attached to the tree with two straps. Then, the platform can be attached with by a selection of various angles to match a level surface. Last, the seat can be inserted into the top of the post at the desired height. An angle adjust cube allows for a combination of angles for the seat to give the hunter the most comfortable position. Ambush offers three different Revolution models, each with interchangeable parts. The available setups include two different 21″x25″ platforms, a 30″x36″ platform, three seat styles and the treestand post. This treestand concept allows for easy installation and security by removing only the platform at the end of the day.


The Assassin’s Den ground blind features a two hub construction in an A-frame design. This allows for a ground to ceiling doorway. The Assassin’s Den features 8 triangular windows with removable shooting screens. This blind has a 5′ x 8′ footprint and a 5’8″ height. It’s 8.5 pound weight and easy setup make this ground blind perfect for any hunter.


For more information and details on many more products, visit the website for Ambush Hunting Products at or call 309 676-7930

C & S Global Imports offers the very best for your outdoor experience. Ambush Hunting Products and Odyssey Camping select the most dynamic and unrivaled products.

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