Bear Archery Scout Bow Set

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About Bear Archery Founded over 50 years ago by Fred Bear himself, Bear Bows is dedicated to the hunt. Using Fred’s extensive experience as an expert marksman and craftsman, the company continues to produce innovative and celebrated equipment for archers of all types. Whether you’re looking for a first bow for practice, honing your skills on targets, or out in the field, it’ll go better with a Bear by your side. Includes armguard, quiver, finger tab, and sight pin. 16- to 24-inch draw length. 8 to 13 lb. draw weight. Durable composite limbs. 33-inch overall bow length. Suggested age range: 4 to 7.Includes armguard, quiver, finger tab, and sight pin
16- to 24-inch draw length
8 to 13 lb. draw weight
Durable composite limbs
33-inch overall bow length


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