A Paddle a Boat and a Splash: Kayaking in Alaska | Hunting Magazine

With over a staggering three million lakes and 12,000 rivers Alaska has more than 40% of America’s water resources. Many of these water bodies are complemented by glaciers that reach a size of over 85,000 square feet wide. That is the size of almost two football fields! Many tourists have taken advantage of this spectacular scene by kayaking on the beautiful waters of Alaska. With such a variety of scenes to kayak tourists explore the routes riddled with beaches and large rocks. The Channel Island State Marine Park is a feeding ground for the humpback whale, and is also a popular kayaking spot for tourists.

To start the voyage, a six-person motorboat will be boarded and will take all occupants on the trip to the Chanel Island State Marine Park. From this park, an incredible view of the rich marine life ecosystem will be seen. Shortly after this, a fantastic trip will begin as a guide leads the group of tourists via kayaking. On the way, there will be beautiful sights to see such as the reflection of the sun shining on the waters with amazing beaches in the background. This Kayaking trip is suitable for experience levels that range from beginner to even the most experienced of kayakers. With this, the trip is opened to a large range of those looking to take advantage of this exciting opportunity.

In summary, a van will pick up tourist from Juneau, Alaska and drive the tourists to the boats that will then lead to the island known as the Channel Island State Marine Park. Here, tourists will be able to prepare and get ready to kayak on the beautiful waters of this state’s park. Part of this experience also includes the beautiful sights of the whales that jump out of the water as this reservation is a humpback whale feeding ground. Also complimenting this scenery are the beautiful waters and shining rays of the sun freckles throughout the water. In the background the calm beaches of the reservation are present.


Kayaking in the heart of the humpback whale feeding grounds is an absolutely incredible experience and booking is offered through beyondak.com. The duration of the trip is 6 hours and is complimented with sightseeing of large whales. With provided transportation to the site and a low price of $389 per person before tax, this trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity


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