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Hunting rainy weather is sometimes a great opportunity. Most of the time temperatures are down as well as it can be quiet in the woods. As per research, rain generally affects hunters, but most hunters don’t know how rain affects deer. The benefit of the rain is that it provides some audible cover while bowhunting. The rain allows you to make a sudden move or draw perfectly on animals at point-blank range without them even know you are there.

Bow Hunting during the rain is and a good idea. I sure many hunters can probably remember some pretty cool hunting moments of bowhunting out in the woods and have a mature buck wandering its way towards your treestand through the raindrop, especially if this happens during the rut. Of course, there’s the fact that a little bit of rain isn’t going to keep any buck in its bed.

Remember These 5 Proven Tactics For Bow Hunting In The Rain

1Select the Most Appropriate Broadheads

All broadheads work pretty much the same in deer woods. But some, I feel are better and perform much better during rainy conditions than others. So, making sure to align your Broadheads with your hunting conditions is a critical measure.

2Know the Proper Time to be Out Hunting in the Rain

Rainy days are often perfect times to hunt deer. Of course, a lot of deer or other animals hole up in their bedding areas during the rain. In addition, some deer will try to conserve energy, so they won’t want to move around much during the rain. So, be physically and mentally prepared to spend some long, and often boring hours out in the woods bowhunting deer in the rain. If you do get bored and decide to move around silently. Just remember that any deer you happen upon that spots you first will surely instantly run. For more information check this website.

3Give Hunting in Rainy Weather a Try

If you love to shoot and hunt in extreme weather. I think it’s great, and you know it brings back fond memories of dad sitting in the garage waiting for the weather to break. Once the weather broke it wouldn’t matter if it was a snowstorm, it was hailing, thunder or lightning, as soon as the weather cleared. We’d make a break for our hunting stands. You just never know what might start moving after a storm.

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7Try Hunting Just After the Start of The Rain

There’s a lot of noise in the woods. Especially in the fall with all the dry leaves, brittle dry twigs and sticks laying around on the forest floor. So, making a point of hunting just after the rain has started can greatly help to conceal not only the noise you might happen to make by walking around but it can also mask some of your movements. With that, I think I have made a good case for hunting in the rain.

8Think Fast and Decide to Shoot Fast If Hunting During the Rain

The deer activity often goes through the roof When it’s raining. The deer are often skittish stressed out and wandering around with a lot of bit of anxiety since their visual and hearing sensory systems are slightly affected due to the rain. Which oftentimes can work to your benefit by covering up any incidental noises and movements that you might make in the deer woods. However, on the same token, it can also work against you. As the deer are more hypersensitive to any unnatural movement or sounds, they might hear. Thus, giving you away even if you didn’t make any mistakes.


I hope that Me sharing some of my hunting in the rain experiences has provided you some valuable insights and hunting tips that you can use for bow hunting in the rain. So, that you’ll become a Master Hunter in rainy weather, as well.

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