clay pigeon shooting for target practice
clay pigeon shooting for target practice

One of the most exciting sports for marksmen is clay pigeon shooting.


This sport has a rich history that goes back more than 100 years in the United Kingdom, and it has even been recognized by the Olympics. However, getting into the sport isn’t as simple as it sounds. To help, below are five keys to becoming a clay pigeon shooter.


The Right Gun

While pretty much any kind of firearm has the ability to shoot a clay pigeons, shotguns are used to play the sport of clay pigeon shooting. As you probably know, each shotgun shell contains hundreds of tiny metal beads that spread out and form of cloud in the air. It typically only requires three of these beads to destroy a clay pigeon. Most clay pigeon shooters choose to use a double barrel shotgun with an over and under design. Side by side designs are also sometimes used.

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Access to a Clay Pigeon Trap

The machine that tosses clay pigeons into the air to produce a target for the clay pigeon shooter is known as a trap. This device has the ability to fling a clay target in the air for about 394 feet. Many shooting ranges have their own clay pigeon traps on grounds. They are completely automated and are typically operated remotely by either a button or sensor.


The Right Protective Gear

You will also need some other items to safely go clay pigeon hunting. For one, you will need hearing protection. Without it, the noise produced by the shotgun can be loud enough to result in permanent hearing loss. Eye protection is also a must. Certainly purchase ear muffs rated for shotgun use and shooting glasses from a retailer like Brownells. To save on shipping and other costs, consider shopping Cabela’s Online Store.


Knowing How to Correctly Hold the Gun

Beyond safety gear, you also need to be well versed on how to safely operate a shotgun. Part of that is knowing how to properly hold the gun and how to stand when firing. Without this knowledge, a person is likely to be injured by the extremely strong recoil.


Knowing a Clay Pigeon Shooting Discipline

Lastly, you should learn one of the three disciplines of clay pigeon shooting. These are trap shooting, skeet shooting and sporting. Each has its own rules and methods. If you want to be taken seriously as a clay pigeon shooter, learn one or all three of these disciplines.


Clay pigeon shooting may seem intimidating to newcomers. However, if you have the right gun, gear and knowledge, anyone of nearly any age can pick up this sport.


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