Wild Game Recipe: Venison Whiskey Marinade Dipping Sauce | Hunting Magazine

Treat your friends and family to this flavorful Venison Whiskey Marinade Dipping Sauce – so on game day, everyone will be satisfied even if their team losses.


1/4 c Venison drippings, strained
1 c jelly, strained
1 Tbsp lemon juice
1 ea ginger, powdered, pinch
2 Tbsp whiskey, scotch, or bourbon
Cornstarch, as needed

Preparation and Cooking Instructions

  1. Heat and blend thoroughly in a small saucepan, thickening mixture slightly with cornstarch.
  2. Serve in a preheated gravy boats for individual use.

Serve and Enjoy.



Use only enough cornstarch to thicken your sauce to the desired consistency.


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