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Hunting NewsNew LED Golight Stryker Hunting Spotlight with Dual Remote Controls Released by...

New LED Golight Stryker Hunting Spotlight with Dual Remote Controls Released by Larson Electronics

Larson Electronics has announced the release of a new LED Golight designed to provide outdoorsmen with a rugged and efficient alternative to halogen spotlights

The GL-30854 LED Golight Stryker is designed for permanent mounting and features a powerful LED lamp and both a dash mount and handheld remote controls.


The GL-30854 LED Golight Stryker remote controlled spotlight from Larson Electronics is a powerful and efficient alternative to standard halogen Golights that offers enhanced performance with LED lighting technology. This remote control LED spotlight is designed to be permanently mounted to vehicles, ATV, and boats, and provides a 2,500 lumen spotlight beam with an effective reach of over 900 feet. Built with durability and performance in mind, this spotlight is weatherproof and resistant to the damaging effects of vibrations and impacts. The housing is formed from UV ray and heat resistant ASA Luran thermoplastic with a tough camouflage finish, and the advanced LED lamp assembly has no glass or filament, making it far more durable than standard halogen bulbs.


The mounting assembly includes a locking mounting plate which the lamp assembly connects to, providing a solid and secure attachment to flat surfaces. Included with this unit are a wireless dash mounted remote control and a weatherproof handheld remote control, both of which have a range of 100 feet and can control on/off, up/down, and side to side movement of the light. This LED spotlight is highly efficient, producing 6.5 million candlepower from 36 watts at 3 amps compared to the 65 watts at 5 amps of a 6.5 million candlepower halogen Golight. The internal components include automotive grade motor, gears and transmission, and the rest of the internal assembly features corrosion resistant materials including LEXAN, brass and stainless steel to prevent rust and corrosion which could otherwise interfere with operation. This Golight runs from 12 volt DC current which is standard on most boats, vehicles and ATVs, making it ideal for outdoorsmen who want a reliable and powerful spotlight that won’t drain batteries at an excessive rate but doesn’t compromise on performance either. This high power LED Golight Stryker is ideal for hunting, security, boating, utilities, and anywhere high power and remote control functionality are desired.


“This camouflage LED spotlight gives predator hunters 360 degrees of rotation and 140 degrees of tilt in a compact form factor that can be positioned with a wireless remote up to 100 feet away,” said Robert Bresnahan with Larson Electronics LarsonElectronics.com.


“With high vibration resistance, wireless remote control, and small form factor, the GL-30854 remote control LED light is ideal for hogs, coyotes and other predator hunting applications.”


Larson Electronics produces a full range of industrial and commercial lighting equipment, LED spotlights, military spotlights, hunting spotlights, and LED work lights. To view the entire Larson Electronics line of industrial grade lighting solutions, visit them on the web at www.larsonelectronics.com.


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