12 Year Old Girl Hits Target with TrackingPoint Smart Rifle


Watch video of 12 Year Old Girl Hitting Targets 250 Yards, 500 Yards, 750 Yards, and 1000 Yards Away!


Tracking Point 12 year old shooter
12 Year Old girl With Smart Rifle

Smart Rifle™ manufacturer TrackingPoint™ has been widely publicized for offering untrained shooters the ability to drastically improve their first round shot success probability at extended range. In Austin TX, a 12 Year old middle school student demonstrates just how easy the system is to use. With a little parental guidance, she hits targets at 250, 500, 750 and 1000 yards, and then hits a small steel plate shortly after with a TrackingPoint .338 Lapua Magnum long range hunting rifle. Video of the experience has been posted to TrackingPoint’s YouTube page, and is likely to prove to be just the beginning of the user created video demonstrating the power of Smart Rifles.


Smart Rifles come bundled with several iOS or Android applications, as well as the ability to push updates to both the scope’s Software and applications over time. These apps provide configuration services for Smart Rifles, transfer shot videos to smart phones or tablets, and have an option to lock out advanced functionality when a user is storing the rifle. The ShotView app streams video in real time from the heads-up display of a TrackingPoint Smart Rifle to a wifi enabled mobile devices. TrackingPoint Smart Rifles are equipped with a Networked Tracking Smart Scope that facilitates video streaming and recording.


With a little parental guidance, she hits targets at 250, 500, 750 and 1000 yards, and then hits a small steel plate shortly after with a TrackingPoint .338 Lapua Magnum Smart Rifle.


The TrackingPoint Smart Rifle is the first shooting system to integrate microelectronics and wireless technology for the purpose of targeting, tracking, networking, and fire control. It combines an advanced integral ballistics calculator that performs complex calculations in microseconds and mimics the lock-and-launch shot sequence commonly found in larger military systems like fighter aircraft or attack helicopters. The Smart Rifle system delivers superior first shot success rates compared to conventional firearms, even at extreme distances. The system enables marksmen to achieve multiple accurate shots at multiple, unknown distances quickly and effectively.


The Smart Rifle is a compilation of design work between mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, software engineers, physicists and optical engineers, systems engineers, shooters, ballistic experts, and mathematicians.


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