8 Hunting Tips That Will Make Your Hunting Experience Much Better


Hunting, an old sport that involves skillfully seeking, pursuing, and killing all kinds of animals, is a deeply embedded survivalist human culture that started in prehistoric times.

Nowadays, hunting has become more of a fun recreational activity for interested enthusiasts hunting for sport, with only a few licensed hunters still out for the meat.

Whether you are a veteran hunter who wants to get better at hunting game or you are a newbie trying to learn the ropes of your newly chosen hobby, our tips will come in handy when next you venture into the great outdoors.

Work on Your Stealth Ability

Stealth, as a technique in hunting, can be classified into visual, audible, and olfactory. To be successful in your hunting sessions, you need to have the right mix of stealth and slow movement. Always avoid unnecessary quick movements, trail your prey with care, and make as little noise as possible because any noise even as low as the snap of a twig could spook your potential prey, causing them to flee in fear.

Preparing the Right Kind of Boot Before Hunting

Choosing the right boots is a crucial part of hunting that is often overlooked by many. If you’re slightly uncomfortable with your hunting boots, then it’s unlikely that you’ll be successful in hunting down any game. Therefore, it is essential to take time to research and choose the perfect boots for your hunting trip. Here is a list of great boots for tactical usage that are perfect for hunting, especially on harsh terrains.

Do Away With Blind Cutters and Forest Debris During an Ambush

If you’re lying or sitting in wait during an ambush next to a tree, sweep away surrounding leaves and make sure the area you pick is free of other creaky forest debris that could untimely announce your presence to the prey while preparing to make your move.

Improve Your Tracking Ability

One of the most important tips you can receive about hunting is effectively tracking your prey. You need to be well familiar with basic actions like following a blood trail and calling the spot.

Keep Your Eyeglasses Clear

Your eyesight needs to be as clear as it can be while you are in the wild hunting for prey. To prevent your eyeglasses from fogging up and hindering your sight in cold weather, some veterans have suggested that

you cover your glasses with a thin layer of soap, and then clean it using a dry cloth, so you can see much sharper through your glasses.

Avoid Eye Pokes

When you strike down prey during your hunting session, avoid the infamous firearm muzzle prodding commonly portrayed on TV shows because if the hunted down prey is not dead, it could spring up suddenly and escape giving you no time to react. However, it is more advisable to toss a stone or an idle branch and watch its reaction. This technique gives you ample time to react and effectively retarget your prey if the need arises.

Study the Terrain and Topography

Terrain and topography mean the cover, physical features, formations, and changes in the elevation of a given ground. If you understand the basic principles of topography and how your prey responds to its different features, then you are guaranteed a higher level of success.

Stay Warm

8 Hunting Tips For Hunting with Your Buddies | Hunting MagazineWhile on long hunting trips, pack smart and remember, it is important to sleep in comfort with well-heated tents and good quality sleeping bags

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