Pheasant Recipes – Discover recipes for roast pheasant, pheasant casserole, pheasant stew, or explore cooking pheasant recipes. Our wild game recipes work great for whole pheasant or pheasant breast.

Artichokes Stuffed with Wild Game Pheasant and California Wild Rice

Artichokes Stuffed with Pheasant and California Wild Rice

This elegant wild game pheasant dish makes the most of two upscale California classics—California Wild Rice and California artichokes. Ingredients ½ cup California Wild Rice 1 ½ cups chicken stock 4...
Wild Pheasant Casserole Wild Game Recipe

Wild Pheasant Casserole

This savory wild pheasant casserole recipe combines lasagna noodles, fresh green and red bell peppers with cream soup mix, and pheasant to make the ultimate wild game...
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