One of the best times of year to go hunting is during the winter.


In fact, there are many animals that can only be hunted during the colder months, which means serious hunters should be ready to go once the snow hits. However, hunting in cold weather can be dangerous if you are not properly equipped. To help you out, here are five essential items you need to pack for winter hunts along with your guns, knives, and custom gun cases.


Fire Starting Equipment

If you get lost or stranded during a winter storm, the ability to start a fire can mean the difference between life and death. Therefore, one of the most important items to bring with you on a winter hunt is something to light a fire. Windproof lighters are a good option, but waterproof

Winter Hunting - Coming in from the Cold
Winter Hunting – Be Prepared

matches can also work. Make sure you keep them dry and well protected.



Although it may seem a little outdated, backcountry experts still recommend that anyone heading into the wilderness should bring a whistle. A

whistle is a great way to signal for help if you become injured during a hunt. Just make sure you bring a plastic whistle. You don’t want to get your lips frozen on a metal one.


GPS Guide

With the advent of GPS technology, the days of getting lost in the wilderness are over for those who use it. You should be sure to get a handheld GPS unit if you are planning to head out into the backcountry during the winter. Even if you know the area well, a winter storm can make it hard to find your way. Having a GPS system with you at all times is just plain smart.


Sun Protection

Most people don’t even think about sun protection during the winter, but the reflection of sunlight off of the snow can be very damaging to your skin and eyes. You at least need to put on a good pair of UV-blocking sunglasses during winter hunts. Using sunblock and lip balm isn’t a bad idea either.


Emergency Shelter

It is a pretty good idea to bring some form of emergency shelter with you in case you get stranded. This can be a tarp, reflective blanket, or tent. Just make sure that you have something that can keep you warm and out of the wind if you need it.
Winter hunting is a lot of fun, but it can be dangerous if you aren’t properly prepared. If you bring these five items, you will be ready to survive the harshest winter weather while you are hunting. It may seem like a pain to carry the extra gear, but it could just save your life.


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