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Varmint HuntingWhere to go Boar Hunting

Where to go Boar Hunting

Where to go Boar Hunting


by: Albie Berk


Boar hunting is a great sport, which many people love to participate in. However, it is not available in every part of the world. That’s why we are going to show you some of the top lodges for boar hunting. These lodges will help you organize your boar hunting trip as well as give you a great comfy place to stay in during your vacation. Whether you want to head down south, way down south, to the west coast or to the land down under, you will have a variety of boar hunting options on your next vacation to choose from.


In South Carolina, you will be able to hunt on private land which may be more comfortable for some hunters. This way your hunting grounds will be near your accommodations so you will not have to travel far and many of the private institutions will be handicap accessible. This is the case for Beam and Son Outfitters. Another great wild boar hunting ground is the Cinnamon Ridge Hunting lodge where you will not only have the chance to hunt for wild boar but also hogs, wild turkey, whitetail deer and quail.


More Southern locations include North Carolina, Florida and Georgia. In Florida, you will notice that Central Florida is very well known for its wild boar trips. Just like in South Carolina, you will be able to hunt wild boars and hogs on privately owned land such as it Brady Ranch. Wild Boars and hogs can also be hunted for at Calhoun’s Guide Service, Boar’s Unlimited, Chappy’s Outfitters, Everglades Adventures, Florida Wildlife Unlimited, Head Hunters Wild Hog Hunts, Hunting in Florida, Okee Hunt Club, Osceola Outdoors, and Silver Pine Reserves among many other locations. In Florida, you will be able to hunt your hogs and wild boars just about anyway you like. You can use bows and arrows, black powder, shotguns, rifles, muzzleloaders, spears and knives. It is all accepted. Also, one of the greatest parts about staying in one of these lodges is that often times, the staff will skin and clean your catch so that you can relax after your big hunt.


Many people do not consider California to be a happening boar and hog hunting place but if you look closely enough, you can definitely catch some hunting action on the west coast. You will especially be able to hunt for wild boars and wild hogs in California. You can hunt throughout the entire state such as in Southern Monterrey County or in the Central Coast of Florida. There is also many private land options as well to choose from.


wild boar
wild boar

There are other hunters out there who are more interested in international hunting adventures. Two of the greatest countries outside of the United States to go hunting for wild boar and hogs is in Argentina and in Australia. There are various locations in Argentina where one can go to hunt including La Pampa, Rio Negro, Buenos Aires, Chubut, Chaco, Entre Rios and Neuquen. If you are more interested in the land down under, then you can take a boar hunting vacation to West Queensland, Australia where you will be able to hunt during the day or night with the weapon of your choice.


When it comes to boar and hog hunting, there are many options to choose from. Make your next big hunt a memorable one by choosing one of these fine locations whether they are across the world or just a little across the way from you for an excellent big hunt.


About The Author

Albie Berk enjoys hunting and sharing what he has learned and any successful tips he can with others. He enjoys South Carolina hunting and usually stays at Island Plantation.http://islandplantation.com


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