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Types of Hunting Packs in the Market

As a hunter we have many tools that need to be carried and used in the field.


To be able to use the tools in the field we have to have a place to store them and carry them. This article is going to help you when choosing a hunting backpack. I will give tips and things to consider when choosing a pack. Also, I will give you my input on what backpack I like to use.
There are few things that one needs to consider when choosing a backpack. The backpack should be made of quality

Badlands Hunting Pack
Badlands Hunting Pack

materials. The materials have to be durable and made to last. The backpack needs to be made of soft materials that will be quiet in the woods.


This will help reduce noise if you brush up against something in the wilderness. It should have a range of different size compartments. This will help you keep all your tools organized and know where each one is. At the minimum it should be made of water resistant material. If the backpack has waterproof material that is the best protection for your gear to stay dry. You can also buy rain flies to cover if it is really bad weather.


All straps on the backpack need to be adjustable. This will give you more flexibly when you have to tighten different straps down for different size of loads. The back portion of the pack should have a lot of padding for comfort.


The pockets all should be zippered this makes your gear more secure. Another key feature that a pack should have is hydration system for camelback or similar type device. By having these features your backpack will be quality and long lasting.
When you go to the store to choose a backpack there are many things to consider. Make sure you can try it out and put a load in it to test it out. Another huge thing to consider in the backpack is the company and their warranty. Many companies have good warranty but some are voided after a few years. Compared shopping is the best way to look at backpacks. If you get on Cabelas or Amazon website you can look at all the different types and features they offer. The price range a good quality backpack will be around $150-$250. Spending a little extra money upfront to get a good quality backpack will benefit you down the road.
There are many good companies out there that make great products. For the last eight years I have been using Badlands backpacks. They are great packs that are well developed. There warranty is lifetime no matter who owns it or bought it. They will fix anything on a back that breaks. The only thing they make you pay for is shipping when you send it in. I have sent in one pack over the last eight years and they sent it back all patched up and fixed. Once, I received the backpack I was sold on this company because of the quality of work and service they provide their customers.





Many of theirs packs range from $150-$280 dollars. They have some very high end backpacking packs that are in the range of $500. Depending on what you are looking for this company will have something that you will be satisfied with.
My pack of choice is the 2200 badlands pack. It is 2250 cubic inches. It weighs 5 lbs. and 4ozs. This pack is big enough to fit everything for a long day hike. It also can be used to haul out meat if you get an animal down. It has a meat compartment on the outside with 3 straps. It has a spotting scope pocket it on the inside. It has a bow and rifle compartment to carry on the pack if you need.


The back portion of the pack has a main compartment access hole so you do not have to unstrap the outside of the pack. It has many little pockets on the hip belt to store and your gear that is needed all the time. This is a great overall pack if you are one that likes to hike in a few miles and hunt. The selling point on it for me is that if I kill an animal I can use the backpack to pack some of the meat out on the built in meat shelf. It is big but not too big like many other packs on the market today.
Depending on what type of hunting you do and what you are looking for there are many companies out there producing many quality backpacks. Eberlestock packs are good choice as well they are little pricier than badlands. I believe if you spend the money up front and get the right gear in the beginning you do not have to do it but once. Badlands is a great company and I will use them in the future. There are many YouTube that reviews pack and give great information on packs you might be interested in.





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