The Importance of Dry Firing


It is no secret that the number of new gun owners significantly increased in 2020 and 2021.

With violent events occurring throughout the United States, many Americans rightfully feared for their safety and chose to use their right to bear arms to defend themselves and their loved ones.

However, as the pandemic continues to shut down the country and send workers home, and the price of ammo continues to skyrocket, many new gun owners don’t have the chance nor the money to visit their local range or take training courses.

This then becomes a dangerous breeding ground for ignorant owners who may potentially unknowingly cause harm to themselves or others. Without proper practice or training, the new gun buyer may not be knowledgeable in handling their firearm or shooting in general.

The Importance of Dry Firing - Virtual Shooting Range - Hunting Magazine
The Importance of Dry Firing – Virtual Shooting Range – Hunting Magazine

Dry firing will be able to solve most issues and allow the gun owner to get some training and experience without spending significant amounts of money. First of all, what is dry firing? Dry firing is the act of pulling the trigger of a gun without a live round in it to simulate discharging it. While there are some concerns over how dry firing affects firearms themselves, it is often agreed upon that dryfiring won’t damage most guns.

So how can dry firing benefit gun owners? Dry firing allows gun owners to essentially train with their guns in the comfort of their own homes without using ammo. Gun owners can practice their trigger pull, sight picture, drawing, and reloading with dry firing— vital skills when it comes to shooting.

Shooters can practice getting used to the trigger of their gun especially if the firearm is a handgun by simply manually cycling the action of the gun before feeling the trigger and pulling it. Shooters can practice maintaining a proper sight picture by aiming down sights.

If the gun owner plans on carrying their firearm around them, they can practice drawing it from their holster then dry firing while also practicing their trigger pull and sight picture. Most aspects of shooting can be practiced at home without a live round. As previously established, the pandemic has left many Americans jobless and many local businesses closed, including many gun ranges.

The price and availability of ammo can also discourage gun owners from shooting at ranges. By practicing these essential skills, gun owners can learn how to operate their firearms effectively and get to know and be comfortable with them. While some drills train the shooter’s speed, others train their fine motor skills. By dry firing, the shooter will always be ready to use their firearms effectively when the need arises.

It is dangerous to have a weapon and not know how to use it. Not only can they accidentally harm innocent bystanders or themself, with a negligent discharge, for example, it can also get them killed since they may have a false sense of security and confidence. All gun owners should invest some time in dry fire training since it will benefit them greatly during already desperate times.

Being stuck at home, they should spend as much time as possible training their body and mind to use a firearm until they can go to a range or attend training courses. Not only will it be safer for others, but it can also save their lives.

Simply having a gun won’t keep anyone safe: the owner must also know how to use it properly.

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