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The Best Kayak Features for Hunting

At first glance, you may wonder how a kayak of all things can help on a hunt. In reality, a hunting kayak can completely transform the hunting game!

Whether you are hunting duck and other waterfowl or hunting deer, a kayak may be just what you need to take your hunting to the next level. In this guide, we will touch upon the advantages of having a hunting kayak at your disposal as well as highlight features aboard these kayaks that make them a fantastic option for hunting a variety of creatures.


Can You Actually Hunt From a Kayak?

Yes! A kayak designed for hunting can drastically expand the scope of your hunting abilities; these crafts allow you to access spots that would be otherwise inaccessible on foot or on larger boats. These highly maneuverable boats can navigate shallow water and tight areas allowing you to not only access the entire body of water but also navigate coastlines and shallow streams. This increased mobility opens up a tremendous amount of new locations for waterfowl, but also remote spots that are hard to reach by road or foot to hunt deer as well. While you can take your shots from the kayak, you can also utilize the kayak just to get to land areas otherwise hard to reach.


The high maneuverability is only the start of why hunting kayaks are continuing to gain popularity. The accessibility they provide is a tremendous advantage to hunters who have access, but you may be wondering what else separates a hunting kayak from other boats and transportation methods and why exactly hunting kayaks excel in their niche. These details should help you wrap your head around choosing a hunting kayak.



While you can easily navigate into shallow waters and along coastlines, you can also do so while remaining extremely quiet. The lack of a motor and the solitude nature of kayak hunting tremendously reduces the overall noise of the hunt. This works twofold by helping to keep you focused on the hunt while also not spooking the game.

And while your hunting kayak is quiet, many hunting kayaks can also be turned into a mobile blind further increasing the stealth of the boat. There are many store-bought options as well as custom and DIY kayak blinds that can affordably be built and applied to your kayak.

These mobile blinds work with the camouflage design on most hunting kayaks that, combined, make an almost invisible watercraft in the field.



Naturally, stability is a huge factor in the success of a hunting kayak or any hunting-related watercraft. You need to be able to shoot directly from your boat without fear that you’ll tip into the water. Tipping would ruin the shot, ruin a lot of gear, and probably ruin a day, which is why stability is arguably the most important feature of a hunting kayak. Most hunting kayaks are designed with this in mind; a wider, flatter base will provide more balance for the occupant. Depending on what model you choose, some crafts have specific platforms for standing that can be used to take shots from too.


Hunt From a Kayak - Hunting MagazineStorage

Hunting kayaks were designed with gear in mind. You need to be able to bring the appropriate supplies with you on your hunt while also having room to transport any successful hunts back home. Mounts and hatches provide the perfect space for guns, munitions, food, and personal items. Some of these cabinets are even waterproof. When shopping for a hunting kayak, take into consideration its max load capacity. There is variability within different hunting kayaks in how much weight they can support allowing you to have customization regarding this feature.



Unlike larger boats, hunting kayaks are relatively easy to transport to a water access point and load into the water. These light kayaks can be easily placed on top of a car and can be used to launch from a huge variety of locations on a body of water making your life easier.



Hunting kayaks can come in a variety of sizes with or without a variety of features; these customizations will naturally affect the final price. Some hunting kayaks are solid, on-piece kayaks while some might be more of a collapsible kayak design.  But in general, hunting kayaks are extremely affordable! Your base model is quite available to whoever wants one, but if you want to spend more money on your kayak to get the extra features, this is a fantastic choice as well.


You really can’t go wrong with a hunting kayak! These boats are so dynamic and are perfectly designed for hunting. The extra accessibility they provide all while keeping a low, quiet profile allows hunters to reach areas out of reach before. The stability that is engineered into these crafts allows you to take shots directly from the water while the storage allows you to bring any supplies you may need for the day while providing assurance that you’ll be able to get your prize home. Hunting kayaks are easy to transport and easy to afford to make them a no-brainer for anyone who considers themself an avid hunter; get your new hunting kayak today!


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