Road Less Traveled Amazing Campsites for Offroading Adventures
Road Less Traveled Amazing Campsites for Offroading Adventures

Camping sites offer a variety of amenities, but off-roading enthusiasts look for campsites that offer a little something extra.

This article, while certainly not exhaustive, looks at a few of those campsites offering unique off-roading experiences to thrill campers.

Rausch Creek Off-Road Park

Rausch Creek offers a three thousand acre arena of beginner, intermediate, and difficult trails to allow campers to experience off-roading in a legal environment. Trails feature such obstacles as rocks, bowls, and hills, while some trails offer more club-friendly experiences.
Rausch Creek also offers free camping to make the experience more affordable.
The management at Rausch Creek schedules a variety of training courses and guided trail runs throughout the year, as well as other off-roading events. The website also provides guests with the option of joining established riding groups or creating a new group, which may appeal to families or other larger groups.

Haspin Acres in Laurel, Indiana

Haspin Acres boasts 750 acres of trails that run through forests, hills, and some of the few places in America left untouched by man. In addition to off-road riding and racing, Haspin offers camping and fishing with gift cards available for the off-roading enthusiast closest to you. Haspin Acres also provides guests with a restaurant, during the spring-summer season. While Stone Hearth Grill Restaurant is currently closed, the Haspin Acres website promises it will re-open in the spring.

The Ridge in Springville, Alabama

The Ridge was founded in 2004 as an off-roading site, but, since that time management has expanded The Ridge’s offerings. The site now includes disc golf, ATV rentals, zip line tours, and rappelling tours. This campsite offers 35 miles of OHV trails with markings that designate each trail’s difficulty level, as well as an additional 15 miles of motorcycle-only trails.
As for camping privileges, The Ridge offers two cabins and five hotel rooms in addition to ample room for traditional camping. Fire pits with wood are also provided for campers.
Events at The Ridge include a Panther Run and a Haunted Zombie Zip Line Adventure. Check The Ridge’s website for more details.

These are just a few offerings available to off-roading enthusiasts, and, as is the case with many of the options available, most are open year-round. It is suggested that interested off-roaders check the websites of each site frequently for events and special offers. Don’t forget to stock up on Competitive Cyclist parts with online coupons from the discount rule. Your next trip off-road is sure to be a hit!

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We’ve Found Several Offers - We Think You'd Like to Check Out Below.
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