RedRing Shotgun Sight Review


Redring Sight Shotgun Sight Review


It wasn’t long before hearing about the RedRing sight that I wanted to try one out. But a shotgun sight for $729? Yeah, that’s a tough one. The price is ludicrous, completely out of line, and an insult to hunters and target shooters. Or is it?


Before getting into details and a review of the RedRing sight, it’s important to understand how red dot and reflex sights work. When using a red dot sight or a reflex sight, the shooter is supposed to keep both eyes open. The result is a more natural aiming process and faster, more accurate target acquisition. No parallax, no eye relief, no exit pupil, just point and shoot. It’s been proven by military and police for years – red dot sights and reflex sights make you faster and more accurate, period.


That being said, first impression is that the RedRing sight is a glorified reflex sight. It’s big, it’s bulky, and it doesn’t come with a standard Picatinny mount or Weaver mount. But once I got past the initial sticker shock and started playing with it, I started seeing some advantages.


redring shotgun red dot sight
Redring Shotgun Sight

The mounting system is actually pretty ingenious, since it doesn’t require drilling and tapping for a rail. Most shotguns don’t include the ability to mount Picatinny or Weaver rails from the factory, so going that route wouldn’t make any sense. Instead, the RedRing sight uses a set of shims that allow the scope to be mounted on any shotgun with a rib, which includes nearly every 12 and 20 gauge pump and semi-auto shotgun made, as well as most over-unders. The sight includes a set of shims in different sizes, and while the process of swapping out the shims takes a few minutes, it’s a one-time inconvenience. Once mounted, the sight is secure and requires no sighting or adjustment, which is a huge plus.


The RedRing sight reticle is actually more or less a ranging reticle. According to RedRing, the circle is the size of the shot diameter at 20 meters, which is supposed to give the shooter an idea of when it is or isn’t wise to pull the trigger. An automatic brightness sensor adjusts the brightness of the reticle depending on the color of whatever is being aimed at. Brighter background means brighter reticle. This is one of the most impressive features on the RedRing sight, and it’s something that other red dot sight manufactures’ should keep in mind. Brightness can also be set manually, if desired. After 4 hours, the sight will turn of automatically to save power. The only thing you have to do to prevent this is adjust the brightness or press one of the buttons on the side of the RedRing unit.


Another feature that we’ve never seen in a red dot is the USB capability. Register your sight on the RedRing website and you’re given the option to download software that allows you to configure the automatic shutoff time to 2 hours, 4 hours, or 6 hours. It’s a feature that seems novel if nothing else. The same could have been achieved with a switch or knob. Either way, the USB feature is hopefully an indication of what’s to come.


I didn’t do a range test of the RedRing sight. We feel it’s unnecessary since the sight has proven itself in competition (RedRing sponsors professional shooter Patrick Flanigan). Any test we could possibly give the RedRing would fall short. It just works.


Most hunters and casual skeet and trap shooters may have trouble seeing the value of the RedRing sight. But if you’re serious about bird hunting or you’re a competitive shooter, the RedRing sight is more than just a fancy reflex sight, it’s a necessity. There’s no point in debating it, this is the sight you should get if you want to take your shooting to the next level.


Review By: Thomas Hunter

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