Rack Sacks New Big Game Bags for Hunting


Rack Sacks Big game bags for hunting are a new patented game bag for big and small game alike.

Rack Sacks innovative technology is making a big impact on the game bag industry.



Rack Sacks Big game bags for hunting are a new patented game bag for big and small game alike. Rack Sacks innovative technology is making a big impact on the game bag industry. Brock Holyoak COO Rack Sacks Game Bags said, “we have improved on necessary functions that other competitors neglect to address. As a hunter, I feel that years of frustration using other game bag brands inferior product has helped us develop a big game bag that is far superior to any other game bag on the market.”



Brock and his father Kurt are the founders of Rack Sacks Game bags and have developed all the key patented features found in these elite big game bags. Brock was kind enough to give me a demonstration of their game bags and the distinct differences in their game bags that make up their superior, distinguishing brand. The Game Bags are made from a rugged non-stick knitted material that is really tough and durable. Brock performed a rip test challenge with their Rack Sacks big game bag against several other leading competitor’s bags. He allowed me the honor of trying to rip each of these bags. The competitions tore rather easily but when I went to rip the Rack Sack bag, I got nothing. I pulled and pulled tugging the fabric ferociously for several minutes and could not get this material to rip. Brock also pointed out several key features only found in Rack Sacks big game bags such as the easy open side technology feature found on all the full carcass game bags, the engineered forced airflow technology that the game bag fabric has built in. The feature increases the cool airflow inside the game bag while expelling any, and all warm air from inside the game bag. The Rack Sacks big game bags block out heat from the sun’s UV rays, are mold, mildew and bacteria resistant, 100% washable and reusable time and time again and the best part it Rack Sacks big game bags are the only game bags on the market that have a manufacturer’s guarantee on all their game bags.



Brock Added, “we have a far superior product than any other game bag brand on the market, and we know this. These big game bags are awesome; we use them every single hunt and have had no issues with the structure of these game bags. Every single individual feedback we receive is 100% positive so it is for that reason that I am 100% confident to offer a guarantee on our products in which no other company in the industry offers. No other game bag brand will guarantee their game bags for a second, let alone years. This alone should speak numbers for our Rack Sacks Brand and the integrity that we instill into building these superior game bags!”



For more information regarding Rack Sacks Brand big game bags or for questions about becoming a dealer, please contact Brock Holyoak at (435)-632-0202 or by email at racksacksgamebags@gmail.com.


For additional videos and information about Rack Sacks Game Bags or to purchase your game bag now visit www.racksacks.com

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