WetMutt Camo Series Dog Mat Product Review
WetMutt Camo Series Dog Mat

The WetMutt Camo Series Mat is a fresh take on the WetMutt Sport Series Mat, which has been specifically designed for waterfowlers.  Here, the WetMutt Camo Series Mat will be reviewed.


Product Description

The WetMutt Camo Series Mat is identical to the WetMutt Sport Series Mat, except with RealTree Max5 camouflage design.  This cushioned mat is available in 28’’ x 18’’ or 34’’ x 22’’ sizes, and is perfect for use in a dog blind, dog stand, in a boat, or anywhere in the field.  The Camo Series mat has the same great qualities as the Sport Series mat, such as anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial properties, as well as being 100% waterproof thanks to closed cell foam.   Drainage holes throughout the mat keep water from pooling beneath your wet dog.


Also like the Sport Series mat, the RealTree Max5 Camo Series Mat is UV resistant with a high tear strength, and is extremely shock absorbent.  The fact that it is lightweight and portable makes it perfect for bringing into the field for training or hunting.  This mat is also PVC and AZO dye free.


Who Can Benefit Most from this Product?

WetMutt Camo Series Dog Mat Product Review
WetMutt Camo Series Dog Mat

Waterfowlers will find the Camo Series mat most useful, as the RealTree Max5 pattern is specifically designed with cattails, reeds, cane, and grasses for blending in with flooded marshes.  Anyone who is looking for a mat that matches perfectly with the conditions most typically encountered during waterfowl hunting will appreciate this product.  Camouflage enthusiasts will also enjoy this Camo Series mat.


Who Can Benefit Least from this Product?
All dog owners can benefit from this mat; however, non-hunters or those without the appreciation for camouflage may prefer a Sport Series mat.


What are the Advantages of this Product?

The biggest advantage of this product – in addition to the 100% water and odor proofing – is the realistic camouflage design.  The RealTree Max5 pattern is perfect for waterfowler use.  In addition, this mat is excellently designed for the unique needs of a waterfowl retriever, thanks to drainage holes and anti-bacterial/microbrial/fungal properties.  This product is also durable.


What are the Limitations of this Product?

There are few limitations to the construction of this product.  For hunters preferring a larger mat, two individual mats can be connected via drainage holes.


Which Items in this Line are Comparable?

The WetMutt RealTree Max5 Series Mat is the same construction as the WetMutt Sport Series Mat.


Bottom Line

Ultimately, the WetMutt Camo Series Mat is a product designed with waterfowlers in mind.  The RealTree Max5 design in conjunction with the capabilities of the WetMutt Sport Series mat is a winning combination.


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