Prime Time Archery Announces New PT Hogg Illuminated Bow Release


Prime Time Archery Announces New PT Hogg Illuminated Bow Release

Burleson, TX (PRWEB) May 25, 2010

The “Peep Light Release”, Prime Time Archery’s new innovative patented technology, is designed to illuminate the rear peep and front sight fiber optics of the bow. This new innovative technology, for the first time ever enables the bow hunter an accurate shot placement in low light and no light conditions.

Prime Time Archery goals–is to increase the success of the bow hunter and to fulfill responsible conservation state by state while decreasing the number of lost and wounded game animals.

Prime Time Archery is committed to delivering the latest in innovation and technology to the bow hunting world. “We at Prime Time Archery

New PT Hogg Illuminated Bow Release
New PT Hogg Illuminated Bow Release

believe that by adding our innovative and revolutionary products to your hunting arsenal you will be a more efficient and effective hunter. We truly expect that your success rate will greatly improve which will make your hunting experience more enjoyable.” Beginning with the invention of the Peep Light Release, Prime Time Archery is dedicated to becoming the leader in research, development and manufacturing with future advancements of technology never seen before by the bow hunter.

The Peep Light Release is designed to neutralize low light conditions when sighting during early morning, late evening, and heavy cloud cover or in a covered blind making your sighting conditions difficult to impossible. The Peep Light Release will allow you the confidence and accuracy to bow hunt during that critical 30 minutes in the early morning sunrise and that late afternoon sundown . . .giving you that critical productive full hour of bow hunting each day that is normally only enjoyed by gun hunters using a light gathering scope. The Peep Light Release design will maximize your hunting time during legal hunting hours for regulated game and for that big hog you have been watching or varmint hunting wherever night hunts are legal.

The Peep Light Release is a must have for every serious bow hunter and is competitively priced so you will get more for your money with this revolutionary product that will change the way you hunt forever. “Here at Prime Time Archery we know that with the Peep Light Release you will get many more hours of hunting pleasure.” The Peep Light Release is the world’s most versatile and adjustable bow release on the market today. It will level the playing field for the taking of that early morning or late afternoon allusive buck or massive elk that comes in only at the edge of shooting time.

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