Love from forest

Everyone has a piece of his paradise where he stands up and lets his thoughts into the world. Unfortunately, in today’s fast-paced world, it is enough to remove one idea and immediately replace it with the next ten. It is difficult to think of anything, so we are looking for places where these ideas are supposed to be replaced by something quite different, often surprising and unexpected. It was that day, like everyone else who watches my profile occasionally, so it was a day of storms. I missed one, but another that came unexpectedly and hidden as I when I lay somewhere and waiting for the game.

Mother Deer with Fawn

Nature is still a world of the world, and it has made me feel right. Her strength was running over my skin, in places where you would not have expected water. Optimism has suffered and I have to admit that I seriously considered changing the camouflage in the hot tub in the hotel, clinging to my clothes and getting dressed in a dry 3dx camouflage forest … with one single question … I need this at all ? Unfortunately, most people refer to people who exchange warm comforts, for morning or night build-ups from heated beds from friends and friends for wildlife, as fools. I will take this name. So I go to the wet needle for a fake pen, I straighten the ground under my ass, let me not learn the second time to walk and wait. I have a handheld phone and I view and share posts on fb … Well, what happens to me for posts, murders, assaults, foolish guys in a new collection … posts about deceptions and relationships. I begin to think that mankind has changed a bit when it has not disappeared. WANT TO SEE WHAT YOU ARE NEW, but I do not have everything that I have.

Everything has my purpose and everything has my reason, even my phone’s pulling out of my pocket in the middle of a flick (video is on the site). From my shocked expression as a windows screen saver in Windows, does it tear me a movement where in the darkness of the wood that this camera to cure my mood has begun? I slowly turn towards the object (at this moment I do not know what the forest is coming out of), I look around as the sun fits inexorably and produces solar tears in the meadow opposite me. They come out, first in the morning, and after a while, they have a little hairy creature. They’re a couple of meters away, they do not fit in one shot … so the primary photolibe. Satisfied they refresh themselves on wet grass after a fresh storm, and they do not know that a bit behind them, fighting a dude with legs. I want to cure my crayons, but one bad move and a scratchy mood will change to anger on my own. I watch the evening glory and watch their carefreeness as a full orchestra of the forest and the birds that sit almost on my head. Pisk pisk and something is happening … the deer walks to her mother and at this moment I am opening an incredible view of sincere love and trust.

Man, as a master of creation, would be ashamed, thinking that he could fly in the clouds, he could destroy … but the animals still have a lot to learn. As Miko Hladký Says “… even though all the worlds of the world over your head will grow, I’ll be the one who will hold you …” This is exactly what I’m flying here and there. I feel that in this agitated world of arrogance, the solution of complicated relationships and petty stupidity, somewhat forgets what makes life a living. The company teaches us to be robots without emotion. Enjoy joy, happiness, share your life with people who are willing to share yours with yours. Everything else is not important. Love and be loved. Destroy and you will be destroyed. When it is important for you, find your way when it is not, you will find an excuse.

Friends … I bring you an album with proof that love and beauty is everywhere, you just have to look and be open despite a difficult road … to him … The path is a goal.

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