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The spotting scope and its magnification power have been always a controversial topic. However, we’ve proved that a spotting scope has enough magnification power to see far. But how far? It’s something, we haven’t discussed yet!

So yeah! In the article, we’re going to discuss it too. Now, how are we going to prove how far you can see with a spotting scope? We can prove it with statistical facts or physics facts. However, this time, we’re going to do something different.

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As the title says, in the article, we’re going to share a long-distance experiment that we recently did with our spotting scope. It’ll give you a clear vision and it’s the best answer to your ‘why’ too.

So, let’s get into the experiment.

Things you should know before starting the experiments
Well, they all know that the spotting scopes performance depends on the distance too. So, there are some considerable facts which change the result. Here are the following facts-

• How far can you see depends on the climates, your position and etc.
• Sometimes you can see an object even after ten miles distance and sometimes it just disappears. Now it depends on the natural climate, sea level and even on the size of the object too.
• The result of the experiment if you’ve done should convince you about the shape of the world.

So, these are all we’ve to say. Remember, it’s not easy to get the best view. Even in most cases, the object disappears within a distance of 10 miles. In some cases, the object disappears at a distance of more than ten miles. Only a few experiments found where an object doesn’t disappear within the range of ten miles.
So, good things and a successful experiment take time. Even in our case, after trying several times, we’ve got to the end of a perfect experiment. Hey? Do you want to know about it?

Then without further due, let’s jump into it.

The long-distance experiment

So, we did the experiment in Brazil. We were on a beach that has a lighthouse within a distance of ten miles.

Ocean Beach Spotting Scope | Hunting Magazine

We were standing on the beach which was only three meters above the sea level and the lighthouse was at a distance of 11 miles from the beach and it was floating over the water.
We saw the reflection of it in the water without any bump.
It’s a rare story even it happens really with people. However, we were shocked too but the reality is, practically it’s possible.
So, yes. The experiment went successfully.

Why your experiment fails!

Now, after getting a spotting scope, everyone wants to see something amazing but after trying once or twice what they see is the object they were looking for disappears or becomes unclear.

Night Time Spotting Scope Usage | Hunting Magazine

Now, it’s normal. Let me tell you a story of one of my Vietnamese friend Tran Hino, he’s a photographer who’s living in New York. Last year, he shared a photo with me which is a photo of a bridge that is around 12 miles away from his home.

He tried to capture it a hundred times from different angles and postures. He never gave up. After hundreds of trying, he was successful. He finally captured it.

So, keep these three things in your mind, if you really want to feel the taste of a successful experiment.

1. Consider the weather, climate and wind condition and your gear’s ability too.
2. Don’t lose hope. Keep trying.
3. Try to capture from different angles, postures, and apertures.

So, don’t get demotivated! Keep experimenting and share your success or unsuccessful stories in the comment below.


It was the story of the long-distance experiment we did. According to us, spotting scope is such a blessing for nature lovers. We still can’t forget the beautiful reflection of the lighthouse that made our experiment successful.

Spotting Scope for Long-Distance Viewing | Hunting Magazine

So, if you want to get a spotting scope, don’t forget to try the long-distance test with your spotting scope. It’ll give you an idea what can you do with it and it’s a great way to understand and use all the features of a spotting scope even as a noob.

Now, it’s your time to share your story in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to comment below, if you’ve got any queries.

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