Crossbows and crossbow hunting seems to be an ever-increasing sport.

Each hunting season seems to bring with it more and more crossbow manufacturers that are catering to specific groups of buyers by expanding their product lines with new and emerging camo patterns along with updated and even interesting technological advances to their new crossbow models. Many of the best crossbows for hunting are surprisingly affordable thus allowing those hunters interested in getting into crossbow hunting a fair selection of crossbows to choose from.

If you’re up for a new hunting challenge or are just looking to change up your old hunting routine, then considering joining the crossbow revolution. We’ve taking some of the best crossbow hunting tips out there and narrowed them down into a tight neatly written informative top list for you.

Making the Crossbow Decision

Just like anything else there’s a huge difference between the cheap crossbows and the top of the line crossbows. Many folks will argue that the cheap crossbow can get the job done for less. To some degree they’re right, it can get the job done.

However, it won’t be as well made using quality materials and attention to detail during the manufacturing process. It surely will not be as accurate. So, what sense does it make spending all the hours scouting the right locations for your best chance at tagging a trophy to put all your trust into a cheap crossbow? The best crossbows can be purchased in hunting crossbow packages that include everything you’re going to need to get your hunting season off to a great start. Websites and shopping comparison sites such as, Archery Den provide in-depth, informative, unbiased and relevant reviews on various crossbows and hunting crossbow packages.

Here are a few extra tips to keep in mind when looking for the best crossbows money can buy.

Draw Weight – Most states have a minimum draw weight for hunting crossbows. These minimum draw weights vary from state to state. But, for hunting most big game its suggested that you use a crossbow with 100 – 150 pounds of draw weight.

Scope Sight – Generally, you can shoot your crossbow and take game with open-sights. However, its highly advisable to equip your hunting crossbow with some sort of crossbow hunting scope. Hunting scopes for crossbows come in many styles. I personally like my crossbow scopes to have a decent amount of magnification and I prefer the standard horizontal and vertical crosshair style of hunting scope. There are plenty of hunting scope choices on the market today. They vary in style and size either employing a crosshair view through the scope or a single red dot any of them will do you nicely.

High Quality Arrows (bolts) – You shop for and buy the best crossbows, mount it with the best hunting scope on the market and still miss that trophy game animal your shooting at – all because you decided to shoot with a cheap inferior crossbow bolt. The cheaply made crossbow arrows are not manufactured to the same ridged specifications, as the more expensive higher-end crossbow arrows. The higher-end crossbow arrows are made of carbon. These carbon crossbow arrows are very durable and very true in flight and stiffness making them the best choice for your hunting crossbow.

Deadly Sharp Broadheads – the broadhead is the business end of the entire hunting crossbow setup. Hunting broadheads vary greatly with the industry offering many makes and models of broadheads to suit any hunters fancy. As a rule of thumb a cheap broadhead will mean mixed results in the field. So, its best to keep with our persistent pursuit to only buy the best that we can afford. For broadhead style either the replacement-blade or mechanical broadhead designs are best for crossbow usage. Both style and design of broadheads will take game cleanly by any hunter that is shooting a well-sighted, suitable draw-weight crossbow – pending the game being shot at is within range and the hunter has a clear and clean kill shot presented to them.

In Closing – When it comes to choosing, buying and equipping your next hunting crossbow just remember that, “If you buy cheap – You’ll end-up with something cheap.” When looking for the best crossbows keep in mind that you need to buy only the best that your budget will allow for and buy a crossbow that feels right in your hands. Hold it, move around with it, place that crossbow to your shoulder and look down it. Does that crossbow feel right to you? Does it feel like you could spend the day sitting on stand with that crossbow in your hands? If it doesn’t feel right – keep looking!


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