Kestrel Meter 4500 NV

Hunting in Windy Conditions Made Easy Thanks to Kestrel with Horus

Hunting in windy conditions is easier than ever thanks to the Kestrel Meter 4500 NV with Horus ATrag Ballistics, which combines helpful atmospheric readings with the latest in ballistics technology.


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Hunting in windy conditions is easier than ever thanks to the Kestrel Meter 4500 NV with Horus ATrag Ballistics, according to, the online retailer for the handheld weather meter. The new Kestrel 4500 with Horus technology was designed to be the all-in-one weather meter for serious hunters. The Kestrel 4500 can be used for hunting in windy conditions and provides highly accurate data readings, including comprehensive environmental data and integrated aiming solutions, helping hunters stay on top of their game, no matter what the weather holds.


Perfect for hunting in windy conditions and heavy rains, the Kestrel with Horus lets hunters load, customize, and store multiple guns, rounds and targets quickly and easily. The unit can be used with any combination of scope and reticle, with several pre-programmed guns available out of the box, and room to store data for up to nine rifles at a time.


Kestrel Meter 4500 NVKestrel wind meters provide helpful data that makes hunting in windy conditions a fun sport and not an impossible challenge. The atmospheric readings provided are extremely accurate, making it easy to chart animal movement and determine strategy. Like most of wind and weather meters sold at, the Kestrel 4500 with Horus includes high-tech options for maximum results, including Bluetooth capability, providing an even more secure way to communicate back and forth with the unit in any weather conditions. The Bluetooth technology lets hunters communicate with the Kestrel unit wirelessly for up to 30 feet, and can maximize the battery life of the meter. sells top of the line wind meters and handheld weather meters that are designed to be easy to use, highly durable and portable. The company provides products for a wide range of professionals, including athletes, firefighters, farmers, HVAC techs and military personnel all over the world. For more information, please visit


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