Skyhunter Outfitters LLC, the premiere helicopter hog hunting outfitter in Texas, now offers hunters the opportunity to have an outstanding helicopter hog hunting experience with them.

They are equipped with 2 quality helicopters, the Bell 206L3 which produces 650 horsepower and the Bell 206B3 running at 420 horsepower. They are primed and ready to help shooters cruise the skies at speeds of up to 120 mph. The twin blade helicopters have extensive service records and meet the highest quality of safety standards. The Bell 206B3 is employed by the US Army at their flight school to train their students called the TH67 “Creek.”

The helicopters can carry up to 5 people with twin blades and have found their way in many civilian operations. Some of these operations include police work, powerline and gas line control, fire patrol and agricultural applications such as crop dusting. These versatile machines are perfect for hunters who are looking for speed and power as they go after the most difficult shots while participating in helicopter hog hunts. The additional benefits to these craft is that the shooters get a comfortable and stable ride that is not too taxing physically for shooters, even after a long flight. This helps the fliers to resume routine activities after completing their helicopter hog hunting experience, and not need to spend time recuperating physically.

The pilots follow all required safety measures and do not compromise with following all safety procedures to ensure a secure and hassle free experience to the fliers. The Skyhunters team takes measures to ensure that they keep the comfort of the hunters in mind at all times so they can enjoy fully the experience of helicopter hog hunting in Texas.

Skyhunter Outfitters LLC offers an unmatched service to landowners and saves them from damage to their crop each year along with a hunting experience which is customized for each hunter or group of hunters. The founder of Skyhunter Outfitters LLC is Chris Hitt, who is a 13 year veteran and a former US Army Cavalry Scout pilot with 6th Cavalry 10th Combat Aviation Brigade flying the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior. He flies with the hunters and ensures the highest level of safety. Chris’s father, Mike Hitt ensures that land owners are in constant contact with Skyhunter Outfitters LLC so that the destructive animals can be hunted safely and effectively


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