Big Game HuntingHow to Properly Skin a Deer: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Properly Skin a Deer: A Step-by-Step Guide

Hey, there fellow hunters! Did you know that your hunting trip doesn’t actually end after you’ve successfully taken down your deer?


Nope, the real work begins as soon as you start field dressing and skinning your trophy to get it ready for processing. So, get ready to roll up your sleeves, grab your skinning knives and get to work!

After all, the reward of having delicious venison meals will be totally worth it.

For avid hunters and those just getting into hunting, the next step in processing your deer after field dressing is skinning. Skinning your deer can be a daunting task but with the right tools and knowledge, it doesn’t have to be.

Here’s our 4 Easy Steps for how to skin a deer so you can make sure you get all that venison meat and the deer hide, as well.

Step 1: Hang Up the Deer

Hang the deer from its rear legs as soon as possible after killing it to allow the blood to drain away from the areas of meat that will be removed. Some hunters may want to set up a pulley system in their garage or covered outdoor area if they’ve bagged a large buck.

Step 2: Utilize a Sharp Knife

It is important to purchase a skinning knife that is specifically made for removing the hide from deer. A sharp blade will help prevent any meat from being taken off with the hide. Locate the large tendon that connects the lower leg to the remainder of the leg and use your skinning knife and fingers to detect the lump which is caused by the deer’s double-jointed leg.

Step 3: Dismantle the Legs Before Skinning

Once you’ve located the lump, cut around the tendon near the bone of the lower leg and snap it off. Place your own leg underneath the detached limb for extra leverage and then repeat the same process with the front legs.

Step 4: Stripping Off the Hide

Now that you’ve made your initial incisions, you can begin to remove the hide. Start at the incisions made in the lower leg and use your hands to slowly pull off the skin like taking off a pair of tight wet jeans. As you pull back the hide, you should be able to spot the meat that you will be removing in the next step.

Those who are feeling queasy about the skinning process may opt out of learning how to do it and instead take their entire deer to a butcher shop for processing. Professional butchers know exactly how to skin a deer and butcher the meat, making it easier for some hunters to enjoy the deer’s delicious meat and hide without having to clean it themselves.

In Conclusion

Learning how to skin a deer isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay! For those deer hunters who don’t want to take the time or effort to learn a new hunting skill, there are alternatives that can ensure you still get to enjoy the delicious wild game meat and to keep and enjoy the deer hide – if you wish to keep it. With the right tools, knowledge, and butcher shop options, any deer hunter can make sure they get their deer properly skinned and processed at the end of a successful hunting trip!


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