Varmint HuntingHow To Hunt Coyotes - 3 Top Hunting Tips

How To Hunt Coyotes – 3 Top Hunting Tips

The rising popularity of coyote hunting has expanded through the ranks of whitetail hunters throughout this country like wildfire.

Hunting coyotes and other varmints provide the hunter with an extra hunting season which helps to maintain his hunting shooting skills. Additionally, it gives the hunter the chance to hunt a really totally different species of animal in a very different type of hunting situation. This combination makes learning how to hunt coyotes a thrilling prospect to many hunters.

The prime coyote hunting season across most of this country is between December and March. Make no mistake about it, this is the coldest, most unforgiving time of the year for a hunter and to be sitting on a stand or set up at the base of a tree will be quite chilling.

While many hunting strategies are similar between whitetail and coyote hunting, there are undoubtedly some distinct differences. For the greenhorn coyote hunter, learning these subtle differences will be a key to your initial hunting success. By sticking to a few of the coyote hunting fundamentals, you can not only call in a coyote, however, but also learn their behavior and use it to your advantage. Listed below are Three ideas to help increase your chances of calling in a coyote whether or not you’re a greenhorn or a seasoned coyote hunter.

1. Have the correct coyote hunting equipment- although this may increasingly appear to be a no brainer, many hunters typically attempt to get by with the identical gear they use for his or her whitetail deer hunts. While using a rifle you already own is a good suggestion, take into account that you could be needing a rifle scope specifically designed for coyote hunting. Where the coyote hunting season is generally within the dead of winter, having snow camo hunting clothing, boot spikes, and snowshoes are a must. Oh yes, and let’s not forget the all-important predator calls. Having an electronic coyote call as well as a hand call for coyotes will help you to seal the deal when trying to lure these weary critters in for a kill shot.

2. Make use of the wind- Similar to the way you use it when hunting whitetails; coyotes have an amazing sense of smell. Be sure that your stand is set up downwind of the most likely path of an incoming coyote this way they will not wind you and runoff. If you’re unsure about the wind or it changes when you’re out there, pack up and go home or simply resort to hunting your backup coyote hunting location. If you can’t beat the coyote’s nose, calling all night won’t make a difference – so, keep an eye on the direction of the wind while out hunting coyotes.

3. Sneak into your hunting location- When you are heading to your hunting location, hunting stand, or hunting blind, make sure that you sneaking in. Think about the fact that a coyote may already be watching you. Use the terrain to help cover your approach, attempt to stay as quiet as possible, and stop occasionally to listen and check your surroundings. If a coyote, or any other animal for that matter, should hear your approach, it’s not worth freezing all evening long, pack up and get try hunting another location.

While having the right hunting gear, being certain you are working the wind direction in your favor, and being stealthy on your approach is all vital, making sure to master the proper use of your coyote calls is even more important. Certain coyote calls will increase your success almost every time you head out coyote hunting. However, with the increasing popularity of coyote hunting, these critters have already become very wary and are even more sensitized to the use of electronic coyote calls. So, be sure to master a few different calling styles for coyotes, as well as a few different coyote calls. Such as, know how to properly use a diaphragm coyote mouth calls, Electronic Predator Call, and mouth reed coyote call that can help you produce any number of coyote howls which will help you to locate the coyotes.

There is a pattern you should utilize if you end up locating and calling in a coyote. This pattern will not only increase your chances for success, but it may make the difference between calling in an entire pack of coyotes or seeing none at all. To discover what coyote calling secrets and techniques that exist in the calling patterns, click this link here to explore loads of coyote and other predator hunting calls.

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