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When it comes to running or managing a hunting club, it’s very important to think about the overall image and public perception of your club.

Many clubs go about doing this by offering their group members custom apparel. Most clubs will opt for branded apparel such as tee shirts and caps sporting embroidered patches of the club’s logo on them for their club members. By offering your club members a custom branded apparel item along with their yearly membership can help in driving new and renewed memberships.

Showcasing your clubs’ logo and tagline with embroidered patches on daily wear garments such as caps, hats or even cold weather stocking hats are all items your club members will be proud to wear. Making these products the most useful items to offer your club members. As, they are sure to wear them to work, school or other community events. All of which helps boost your clubs’ membership, spirit and awareness by your members to show others in the community what the club is about and what its members believe in – all done so in a fun and professional manner.

A Few Things to Keep in-Mind

Paying close attention to the little details can add up to big savings later. Firstly, make sure that things fit and look proper in the beginning is a critical step – If you wish for your members to wear your club apparel with pride and confidence. We recommend you become aware of, and make sure not to fall into the trap of assuming both genders will be ecstatic about having and wearing a unisex type of apparel item. Having said that, paying close attention to offering styles and fits of garments that will be received well by both women and men club members is very important.

With those reasons in mind, we’ve found that embroidered patches on hats or caps are one of the most effective ways for hunting clubs to market themselves. No worries about style or fit – just simple headwear with your hunting clubs embroidered logo on it does and says everything you need it to.

Forest Camp Hunting Club Embroidered Patch for Hat | Hunting Magazine
Sample of Embroidered Patch for Hunting Club | Hunting Magazine

For Your Hunting Club Logo

As we already mentioned embroidery is possibly one of the best ways to make your hunting club logo stand out. Simply, because custom embroidered patches are often vivid and colorful, and very durable. They allow your clubs brand to just naturally stand out and look professional to the community-at-large.

Also, with embroidery, it’s a straightforward, relatively easy and fast process. You send your artwork (club logo) to your embroiderer. Whom from there will first digitize your file and input it into their digital embroidery machines to have the embroidering done. From our experience, most companies can have embroidery orders completed in about 5 business days, but in some cases rush orders can sometimes be completed, as quickly as 1-2 days. This, of course, depends on the company you’re having do the work. So, always consult them before making any decisions with regards to the delivery of your hunting clubs finished goods.

Most clubs get scared away from embroidery because of the cost, compared to screen printing. But what you need to keep in mind is with embroidery you’re paying for long-lasting quality, professional-looking made products.

An Overview of Some fees Your Club May Encounter with Embroidery:

Digitizing Fees (most companies can (sometimes) waive these fees if your hunting club logo is already digitized and ready for production)
Stitch Count: the more elaborate in design your club logo is – the more stitches it will have; more stitches means the more expensive the final product
Color Count: some embroidery companies will charge you a base cost for a certain amount of colors. Once, your logo has surpassed that limit there might be extra costs associated with the additional color counts in your design
Type of apparel item being embroidered and placement location: whether you’re planning on getting some hats or tee shirts embroidered with your hunting club logo, some companies may charge an extra fee per piece. This is because they must stop and change out the completed product with a new blank product in-between each finished item making the entire process more labor-intensive.


In Conclusion

We find that custom embroidery is a great cost-efficient method when it comes to creating custom branded apparel items for your hunting club. As, embroidery keeps your club logo looking professional, vibrant and polished for years to come. Allowing your club members to wear your brand club apparel with pride!


Side Note

Get The Discounts: Always make sure to consult with your embroidery company about volume discounts. Most companies offer you deals, and discount offers for the larger amounts that you order. So, if you order a certain amount of custom embroidered or printed goods for your club, the cost per unit may decrease.

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