CampingHandcrafted Log Homes: A Breakdown of Styles and Construction

Handcrafted Log Homes: A Breakdown of Styles and Construction

First created in Scandinavia, log homes have been around for centuries.

Years ago, log homes were all built-in similar shapes and sizes. Since its introduction into American civilization, it has changed drastically in style and design.

The creation and architecture have developed in such a way, that people are trading brick houses for more earthy log homes. Not only are designers going above and beyond to create gorgeously styled log homes, they are using traditional techniques to build them too.
If you are considering getting a cabin made from wood, then have a look at the different styles and constructions you can consider.


Typically, a wood cabin is made from Pine, Cedar, Fir, Spruce, Redwood, Larch, or Cypress. Depending on your location, you will have to pick a tree that’s indigenous to your area.
Apart from choosing the type of wood you want to use for your new wooden house. You also have to consider the log profile. In other words, how the big pieces of wood are cut. Since they will be stacked on top of each other while creating the walls of your house, the cut will have an effect on the overall aesthetic.

Wood Pile of Pine Cedar Fir Spruce Redwood Larch and Cypress | Hunting Magazine

Here is a list of the most common profile cuts:

Round – With a circular cut on either sides and a flat bottom and top. These profiles are also known as the half-and-half or double round.

Square and Rectangular – Similar in height and width the pieces are cut with squared corners and straight lines.

Swedish Cope – The full round log is shaped like a circle. A small crescent shape is removed from the bottom. This is to secure the one round shaped wood piece into the other consecutively.

D-Log – It says it in the name. In the shape of a ‘D’ the log has one flat side and one round side. This profile is used in homes that want a rounded exterior and a flat walled interior.

Customized and Handcrafted – To maintain it’s natural shape, craftsmen are using extensive planning to give each piece a place in the home’s construction.

Do consider the building company that you’ll hire to construct your dream wooden cabin. Experienced builders will be able to create amazing log homes that are durable and constructed in high quality. For an example of a high-quality building service visit:, as a reference. A lot of detail and craftsmanship is spent on creating glossy interiors that reflect modern yet rustic styles.

Unique Wood Home Construction Style | Hunting Magazine


To create unique constructions, builders use a series of corner styles where logs interconnect with each other.

The most common types of corner styles are interlocking, saddle-notch, butt and pass, Dove tail, and corner posts. Depending on the owner or designer the corner structures can be altered and adjusted to taste.

Here is a list of the most common structures used in wooden home constructions:

Post and Beam – Using a number of strong and thick horizontal wooden poles that support beams that are horizontally placed on top. Posts are usually kept in place by strong cinderblocks. This construction type is much more affordable than other types, since it uses fewer logs.

Timber Frame – Also known as a square-cut home. This kind of construction has a similar construction to a post and beam. The greatest difference is that the logs are sawn into a flat shape. This creates a square looking exterior and interior that don’t reflect the wood’s natural shape.

Full Scribe – Also known as a stacked construction, features horizontally stacked beams. This kind of construction is known for its sturdiness and strength, as well as its visible corner styles.

The full scribe construction style allows the design to have a two-story home and heavier roofing tiles. However, it is one of the most expensive styles. But the speed at which it can be erected makes up for the cost.

Antique Scandinavian Rustic Country Chic Log Home Design | Hunting Magazine


As far as style is concerned, the most common styles used in interior and exterior designs is that of antique Scandinavian, Rustic, or country chic. There isn’t a specific style or interior design that comes fixed with owning a wooden home.

Check out these gorgeous interior cabin designs. Owners and designers are free to create a living space that is suited to the surroundings and personal aesthetic. Some common decorative pieces used in cabin interiors are fur rugs, textural and wooden furniture, antique sculptures and paintings, brass and copper fixtures, and yellow lighting.

The great thing about log homes is that no single beam on the house is similar. This makes all wooden housing extremely unique and special to the owner. There is no restriction as to what you can do. Manipulating the wood in different shapes and varnishing it with different colors to create a gorgeous interior.

No matter what style or construction type you opt for, one thing is for sure. Your unique log home will stand out.


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