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Hunting Magazine covers the hunting news around the world daily and weekly news from jaw-dropping record bucks, news from state agencies and local DNR organizations. We even report on the weird, strange and odd happenings with deer, deer hunters and hunting.

Seek Thermal logo

New Seek Thermal Camera Makes It Easy To Focus In On Your Target

Seek Thermal Camera Makes It Easy To Focus In On Your Target $299 Smartphone Accessory for iOS and Android Lets You See the Unseen   Today at the SHOT Show®...
Sleeping Wolf by Marzio Tamer: An Italian Artist

Marzio Tamer: An Italian Artist Who Knows Animals and to Paint

Marzio Tamer is an artist who prefers to surprise with his artistic genius rather than with special effects. For this reason he is a discreet man, he doesn't...
Parker Bows Gale Force Crossbow

Parker Bows Up-Grades Gale Force Crossbow for 2015

Parker Bows, a leading U.S. manufacturer of high quality Compound bows, Crossbows and Crossbow Accessories is proud to introduce the Upgraded Gale Force for 2015   Loaded with RED...
Tip Top Bipod

Tiptop Bipods Offer Hunters & Long Range Shooters Accuracy

Tiptop Bipods Overview Bipod is knowns as a support & stabilized tool for the hunters, long range precision shooters for stability and accuracy. The history of bipod can...
Young Moose are more likely to die from a tick infestation than adults Moose.

Ghost moose in your neighborhood?

In the last week or so, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) Panhandle office has taken several calls about odd looking moose. Some have been reported...
GEN-X - Custom Bow - Genesis® Archery

Genesis® Archery Releases Bow For New Generation Of Archers And Hunters

Genesis® Archery has released the Gen-X™, a new bow that serves as the next step for older children currently using the Genesis® bow and as an entry-level...
Buck Nut Draw & Strut Eclipse Deer Attractants

Buck Nut Draw & Strut Eclipse Deer Attractants Bring Deer Running

Buck Nut Draw & Strut Eclipse Deer Attractants from In Sights Nutrition are supreme deer lures for your hunting season.   With over 30 years’ experience in the feed...
Bighorn Sheep Rams

Pneumonia Still Big Problem for Bighorn Sheep

  Wild Sheep Foundation Works With Agencies as Congress Directs USFS, BLM to Resolve Disease Transmission Issues for Bighorn Sheep     Wild Sheep Foundation’s work at state level now key...
Black Lightening Lube from Pro Release Archery

BLACK LIGHTNING – Bow String Lubricant

Archers are always looking for a better way to lubricate bow strings, servings and other parts of their equipment and that product is available in a handy...

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