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Gear ReviewsLong Range Deer Hunting- The Best Riflescopes in 2024

Long Range Deer Hunting- The Best Riflescopes in 2024

Ask any seasoned hunter, and they will tell you long-range deer hunting is a different ballgame.

From easy dialing turrets to illuminated aiming points, there are multiple features. And it makes sense. You miss a second, and a buck of a lifetime slips by. For a newbie hunter, though, there are other important considerations, like budget. And that’s why you need to read this before investing in a long range rifle scope.

What we cover in this article is:

4 best rifle scopes are exclusively designed for long range shooting.

Who is it for?

From novice to experienced hunters, we have covered budget and expensive scopes.

Key takeaway:

You will become an informed deer hunting scope buyer. In other words, you’ll save money and take home the best scope.

Sig Sauer SOW33204 Whiskey3 Riflescope, 3-9X40mmSig Sauer SOW33204 Whiskey3 Riflescope, 3-9X40mm - Hunting Magazine

Although this one’s counted among the best scopes for long range shooting, it’s an allrounder. This baby does well even for short and medium range targets. Sig Sauer is one of the most trusted brands and has never failed to impress. The SOW33204 is built light and has a sharp reticle with clear optics (3-9x magnification range). The eye relief stands at 3.5-3.7″, the best at this budget.

Why choose it:

🗹 Sig Sauer optics is ideal for short, medium, and long-range targets

🗹 Chasing bucks to recreational shooting, it promises a wide caliber range under varying light conditions.

🗹 Sig Sauer’s unlimited lifetime warranty is unmatched.

🗹 Sig Sauer scopes come in cheap compared to other matched brands.

Who should choose it: Both newbies and seasoned hunters looking for budget long range rifle scopes

Price: Starting at $199.99


Vortex Diamondback Tactical 6-24×50 FFP EBR-2C MRAD-Vortex Diamondback Tactical 6-24x50 FFP EBR-2C MRAD - Hunting Magazine

Are you a newbie hunter looking for an entry-level riflescope? There’s nothing better than Vortex scopes. The Vortex Diamondback Tactical boasts a simple design yet promises crisp and sharp images. It comes with standard vortex optic features like XD™ lens elements matched by a top-of-the-class aircraft-grade aluminum body. You also get a glass-etched first-focal plane reticle that stands proportional when you zoom in. It stands well protected between two thick glass layers for unmatched accuracy.

Why choose it:

🗹 Affordable
🗹 Simple design

🗹 Equipped with all standard Vortex optic features

Who should choose it: Newbie hunters and anyone else looking for budget long range rifle scopes

Price: Starting at $449.99


Swarovski Z8i+ 0.75-6×20

Swarovski Z8i+ 0.75-6x20 - Hunting Magazine

The Z8i+ 0.75-6×20 has been specifically designed for serious hunters. Swarovski optik in this scope provides excellent viewing, thanks to its impressive VIEWPLUS (0.75x magnification) and wide-field view of 64.6 m/100 m (193.8 ft/100 yds). Taking things up a notch is the SWAROLIGHT automatic switch-on/off timer. The Swarovski scope comes equipped with tilt sensors that effortlessly determine the right shooting position for the rifle. In the event that the position is shifted, the sensor deactivates the illuminated reticle. In turn, it saves batteries and adds to the service life.

Why choose it:

🗹 Extraordinary field of view

🗹 Large eyebox for fast target acquisition

🗹 Ergonomic TL+ throw lever for Effortless handling

🗹 Short zoom rotation (160°)


Who should choose it: Serious hunters looking to upgrade to a world-class long range riflescope

Price: Starting from €2,980


Nightforce Optics B.E.A.S.T. 5-25x56mm F1

Nightforce Optics B.E.A.S.T. 5-25x56mm F1 - Hunting Magazine

Hands down, Nightforce is among the most premium riflescope brands. Sure, it’s chunky, but it performs flawlessly for any shooting range over 50 yards. The rugged design can take on rough handling. Nightforce optics are crystal clear and easy on the eye. You also have the option to dial both 0.1 and 0.2 ML turrets across a wide elevation range. With 12 Mils per evolution, what more can you possibly ask for? When sincerely pressed for time or under extreme conditions, nightforce riflescopes are what you need.

Why choose it:

🗹 Rugged design

🗹 Excellent optics

🗹 Large crosshair

🗹 Low Profile

Who should choose it: Serious hunters and competition shooters

Price: Starting from $4,100

Other Important Shooting Gear

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Closing Thoughts

When it comes to choosing hunting gear like a long range riflescope, the idea is to keep it simple. Budget is a key constraint, but that shouldn’t drive your budget decision alone. Sometimes, investing in a better scope that you can use for another ten years or so makes sense. Happy hunting, guys!

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