BSA Rifle Scope Purchasing Tips


If you are looking for a great rifle scope for sale at a reasonable price, you should try looking at a few newer BSA rifle scopes particularly the Sweet 17 models and the likes.

Hunting Rifle with Scope
Hunting Rifle with Scope


The Sweet 17 rifle scopes use a 50mm lens with a variable power that ranges from 3 to 12x40mm. Another beautiful feature of this scope is that it includes target grade towers and a top tower that is adjustable by turning the dial for whichever range of target you want. Easy and simple.


Sweet 17 scopes are valued at a practical price that is within the budget of almost everyone. This is done in 4 various

options. At the cheaper end of the cost spectrum, which is usually around $40, you will be able to find the 4x32mm with a fixed power. You can also upgrade to the 207 32mm that has also an AO by around $65. BSA also offers the 3012 40mm scope, which also has AO, roughly less than $100. And at about $125, you will get a 6-16x40mm with AO used rifle scopes.


BSA Rifle Scopes
BSA Rifle Scope

One more grand BSA scope that is worth having is a model called Catseye. It is very ideal when used in close or average range shooting operation. If you have an existing scope with a large magnification level and you are shooting in a close range, it is absolutely necessary to buy a new scope. A rifle scope having a large magnification is not best for short range shooting and may cause serious problems. One of the major problems being faced in this case is that your time is being eaten up locating the target, which can result in a lost shot.


With the introduction of Catseye, BSA addressed this problem, which sports a lower power range. This is also not only a good scope for hunting in a short to moderate distances, but as well has features like an illuminated reticle which is perfect for hunting in minimum light situations. There are 7 levels of intensity provided by the illuminated reticle with this kind of scope. You can freely adjust the intensity of the level that best suit you by pressing on the switch until you reach your desired level.


If you are one of those who are using a gun that has too much retreat, then the Catseye scope is best for you since it

BSA Rifle Scopes
BSA Rifle Scope

can deal with even the harshest of kickbacks. During testing, Catseye has endured serious pressures in this department.


Some of the BSA scope have been released by BSA, which suits a wide range of shooting and hunting conditions as well as to match with a broad range of guns. Now, if you are presently in the market for a brand new riflescope, try checking out some from BSA scopes today.

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