Unveils High-Resolution Satellite Tracking Tool with Heat Map Technology to Maximize Hunting Experience


Forget the journals and spreadsheets of old. Today’s most successful hunters need not rely on memory, scribbled logs or best guesses thanks to the high-tech mix of satellite and heat map tracking technology offered at provides hunters a way to track, manage and share their hunting experiences online in real-time and over time, enhancing the traditional scouting process.

“As longtime hunters, initially we developed because we believed it would be ideal for our annual hunting trips. Once we began exploring what was possible and adding features, we quickly realized that this might interest other hunters and we opened up the site to new members,” said Jeff Schmitz, Big Game Logic, LLC co-owner. “The tools we offer make the sport better and the opportunity to share the experience makes it great.”

Schmitz, along with his brother Aaron Schmitz and investor Dan Overland, developed the site. Membership is free. Big Game Logic members can virtually track herd movement, journal hunts, share and track deer movement via trail cam photos, and privately store tree stand, trail camera and food plot information. The site also integrates weather conditions and moon phase, allowing users to track and refer to virtually every aspect of their hunt at any point in time.

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While the website is open to hunters of all types, is tailor-made for whitetail deer hunters, many of which are concentrated in the Midwest United States. According to the Quality Deer Management Association, whitetail deer are the most important game species in America with more hunters pursing whitetail deer than any other species. is currently accepting new members free of charge. Visit to view a free tutorial and learn more.

We’ve Found Several Offers - We Think You'd Like to Check Out Below.
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