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Big Game HuntingAlabama Whitetail Deer Hunting

Alabama Whitetail Deer Hunting

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Alabama whitetail Deer hunting in the south is in the blood

Becoming a pro deer hunter takes a lot of hunting experience and some very important rules. Most top hunters have spent a lifetime in the woods to find that big record buck. Many even will camp for months in deep woods tracking large deer, moose and elk. Having specialized knowledge of deer hunting comes from passed down family knowledge, friends, and from practice .

Many hunters believe that finding a deer is mostly about luck but there is much more to a successful deer hunt. Alabama deer hunting is a huge southern tradition that keeps the deer scared all hunting season long. During the season you will often see many trucks and cars on the side of road and the woods full of hunters. A newbie might find a world record whitetail on the first hunt and pro find nothing . Depending on where you hunt will often determine how big of a buck you find.

Many Alabama whitetail seem to be medium sized with smaller deer toward the southern region and the larger bucks running in the mountains . A great place to see a huge buck is at the state park.I know the biggest buck I ever saw was in Little River Canyon enjoying some clover on the side of the road. Big deer grow larger in well protected areas but will often wonder for food and mating. Around the Talladega National forest is a heaven for big deer in Alabama.

To get closer to that trophy buck you can hunt on state management hunting grounds or find a private lodge or club in the area. Using a hunting club is a great method if want to be lead to a monster trophy. Many clubs and lodge owners will prepare throughout the year by planting various crops. Baiting with salt blocks and scent areas before hunting season to insure deer activity. Checking an area out for a few days before a hunt is a good idea to make sure the area is virgin and has deer.

This would be a good time to check out where the deer are eating and drinking. Look around water and try to find a trail. Remember deer love apples and will sure enjoy a yummy apple. Consider going out with an experienced hunter on the first few hunts. They can teach and show you the best direction for finding a big deer.

Hunting with a partner is a great way to learn and get ready for a solo hunt. Many hunters will leave there hunting clothes outside to breath for awhile , this helps lower smells. Deer have super senses and will know if you are around. Deer meat is high in protein and a great natural food. Indians used to track deer and used every part for different purposes.

Many people hunt today to save money and eat healthier. High food prices may be driving many more hunters to the woods. So get your gun or bow prepared and practice for an exciting hunt, because one day you may have to hunt your breakfast.


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