Coyote hunting is popular and it is continuing to grow in popularity in America. Coyote populations are strong and regulations are liberal and hunting coyotes can be a challenge.

If you are new to the sport, you should check out these six tips because they will help you with the learning curve.


  1. Being Downwind Is Crucial – You need to stay downwind because coyotes are mainly driven by their sense of smell. They find food and safety by scent and ignoring the wind while hunting can cost you. If there are winds, then you should take the time to do some scouting and if the coyote doesn’t look at ease, then he may be trying to get downwind of you.


  1. Wait For Its Mates – If there’s one coyote nearby, then there are others. If a coyote looks around a lot when it is walking around, then the chances are there’s another one in the area. Before you take your shot, you should wait to see if the mate appears.


If the new coyote runs off, then give a Ki-Yi call, which should cause the coyote to stop. When it stops, then you can take your shot. This doesn’t always work, but the chances are it will.

6 Useful Coyote Hunting Tips | Hunting Magazine
Electronic calls makes it easier for hunters to call in Coyotes.


  1. E-Callers Help- Electronic calls can’t be used when it comes to hunting most game, but in most states it is allowed. Electronic calls makes it easier for hunters to call. Many electronic callers features a number of calls that include prey distress calls and coyote vocalizations and some have remote control features. Electronic callers are also very easy to use and makes the learning curve easier to learn. If you wish to do this traditionally, then here are best predator calls for hunting coyotes.
  2. Shooting Sticks- Many hunters shoot coyotes from long distances. Shooting sticks come in handy and can help with accuracy. If your gun is ready on the sticks, then you won’t need much movement when you prepare to take the shot. Movement can cause you to take a horrible shot.


  1. Concealment Is Important- You need camouflage, so make sure you get hats, pants, jackets, face covers and gloves. Get scent blocking clothing because this will improve your odds of getting coyotes, but you should always play the wind. Scent blockers come in handy when coyotes start circling you.


  1. Put Miles On- Be prepared to put some miles on. Coyotes sometimes don’t come until 15-20 minutes after you have called out to them, but don’t spend more than 30 minutes on a setup. If the days are calm, then move about a half-mile or so to the next set.


If it’s windy out, then go ahead and move a few hundred yards before you start calling out again. Always approach new areas downwind. At least do this when you think coyotes are going to approach.


The above tips should help you out if you are brand new to coyote hunting. If you want to increase your chances of success and you want to learn much more about hunting coyotes, then find someone who has experience hunting them and go with them on a few bunting trips. If you can’t do that, then pay a visit to because it is a great source to turn to for information about coyote hunting.



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