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The Hunting Magazine is your Big-game hunting authority. For us, the true meaning of hunting is for food, adventure and family. Hunting is food for both the body and mind.

Mule Deer Fawnsvideo

Why I’m a Member: Mule Deer Foundation Film

This short film sums up why I am a proud member of the Mule Deer Foundation. Produced in cooperation with the Bridger Bucks Chapter...
Wisconsin Deer Season 2016

2016 CWD Sampling Permits Offered To Shell Lake Landowners

The Department of Natural Resources will offer landowners scientific collector permits to harvest adult deer of either sex for CWD testing within the 2...
Black Bear Hunting

Bear Hunting Make Your Hunting More Pleasurable

Though bear hunting and trading is illegal and prohibited due to endangered situation, this is still in practice. Bears are known for the imposing size, sharp sense, elusiveness and their ferocity, they are the most preferred animals for hunting.
Hunting Urban Whitetail Deer

How to Hunt Urban Legends

Some hunters say that hunting urban whitetails is no different than hunting deer in the big woods away from city. I Disagree.   Urban deer are...

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Recipe: Eggs Benedict with Duck Bacon

Recipe: Eggs Benedict with Duck Bacon

Celebrate with a Gourmet Wild Game Brunch With the ice melting off the frozen waters with it, the warmer weather brings with it our day...
Homemade Venison Bologna

Homemade Venison Bologna

Want a great way to Go GMO FREE? Make your own Venison Bologna!   This is a great recipe but it does require some time. You will...
How to Replace Salt with Herbs and Spicesvideo

How to Replace Salt with Herbs and Spices

  If your doctor suggests you reduce the salt in your diet, don't worry: you're not sentenced to a life of bland food. HuntingMagazine.net learns...