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The Hunting Magazine is your Big-game hunting authority. For us, the true meaning of hunting is for food, adventure and family. Hunting is food for both the body and mind.

During Elk Hunting Season - My wake up Alarm is a bugle! Hunting Meme

During Elk Hunting Season – My wake up Alarm is a bugle! Hunting Meme

During Elk Hunting Season - My wake up Alarm is a bugle! Hunting Meme  

deer hunting

deer hunting misic in video all rights resurved! Likes: 7 Viewed: 2533 source
Bull Moose in Rutvideo

Two Rutting Bull Moose Kill Each Other in Combat Rage

Insane Video: Two rutting bull moose managed to dual to the death while engaged in a fiery of rutting combat rage  

Hunting Video: DIY Deer Hunting in Montana

Watch this informative video about Hunting Montana for Deer. Your Montana hunt starts here: http://fwp.mt.gov/hunting/licenses/buyApply/newDeadline/ source

Hunting Video: Encounters

One of the biggest challenges a western bowhunter faces is arrowing his first elk. This would be Travis's 3rd year chasing elk with...
Steven M. Haberland Abandoned a 6-by-5 mule deer.

Mule Deer Abandoned and Wasted Amidst Myriad of Excuses

Abandoning almost all the meat from a 6-by-5 mule deer Oct. 1 near Buffalo, even though offering a myriad of reasons to excuse him...
Here is a prime example of a buck working a licking branch. Letting other bucks in the area know what hes all about.

How-to: Creating Your Own Mock Licking Branch

We have all seen them above scrapes while were out hunting, but what is a licking branch and a scrape and How do you...
Biologist Tracking Black Bear

Black Bear Population Expanding In Southeastern Montana

During the spring and fall of 2006, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (MFWP) implemented region wide quota-based black bear hunting seasons   Across southeast Montana in...
ELk calf in quarantine in Southern Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s Kentucky Elk Update

After over a month in Jackson County, elk from Kentucky continue to adjust to their new surroundings with help from Wisconsin Department of Natural...

Hunting Video: October 1st Blood Arrow – Whitetail Deer Hunting

It was finally October 1st. I wasn't going to go out because of the 75 degree temps. However, it had been awhile since being in...

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